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How To Stop Judging Yourself

Something I come across quite often when working with people and with myself is how can we all just stop being so hard on ourselves. How can we stop judging ourselves?

Well, the first step is to just be aware.

While this may sound simple, it’s not an easy thing to do.

However, once you start to really notice it will become a habit.


A lot of us just let these negative judgments and thoughts fly through our subconscious without a care. But I want you to stop and think about if someone was saying what you say to yourself to one of your children, a good friend, or a significant other, would it be okay?


I think we all know the answer to that question, heck no!


So the new normal you need to create is that it's not okay to talk to yourself this way either.


Why should you care, why is this important?


Well many really good reasons. 


Our words have power. The things we say and feel are what create our reality.


So if you want to create a too good to be true reality how would you talk and treat yourself?


You would treat yourself the same way you treat the people you love. When we do this we show others what is acceptable for us, we show them how we want to be treated. 


So if you haven’t heard it in a while let me say it.


You’re amazing and you deserve the absolute best of everything.


End of story.


How do we get there though?


Recently I learned a method and I believe it stems from Buddism.


Here is how you can apply it in your life.


When you’re out and about in your life at work, with friends or family and you find the conversation headed toward negative gossip or judgment of another person.


You find yourself taking part, yes, we all do this at some point.


But you have the choice to stop and regroup your thoughts to something more positive.


Change the subject.


Now if you took part, whoever the person was that you were talking about. 

Take a few minutes and write down ten positive things about them.


Yes, this can be really hard but do it, and yes, actually write it out.


What this does is shows your brain to focus on the positive.


It also shows us that most people have good things inside of themselves, we all do.


Over time, after doing this exercise for a while, your brain will be trained to automatically look to the positive side of things.


Yes, this includes you too. You will start to look at all your positive aspects of yourself and really see them. This will be your new setpoint and focus. 


Very cool right?


But there is one thing, you have to DO the work.


Lastly, a question I get a lot. 


If I catch myself talking badly about myself, do I have to write ten positive things about myself?


Yes, absolutely. Because you deserve the very best, don’t you agree?


Xo, T

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