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Five Steps To Setting Yourself up for a Healthier You!


It can seem so overwhelming to stay on track with your health especially with some of the added stress we have today. I know from personal experience that it can feel like a roller coaster ride going back and forth from super health freak to off the health wagon rebel.


Here are five ways to set yourself up for success for a healthier you!

  • Stop buying all that crap! You know what I'm talking about. Crappy cookies, chips. Instead, op-in to making some homemade treats with whole food ingredients. Freeze some so you don't eat all that yumminess in one sitting. You have control over the ingredients and most importantly you can pronounce them.

  • If you have a sweet tooth keep delicious fruit all washed and ready for you to enjoy in your home at all times. It's not always what you might want but it helps control the craving for sweets. Fruit also has fiber included so when you eat it you don't have those extreme sugar highs you get from cookies and candy. This helps control more and more cravings for sweets throughout the day.

  • If salty snacks are your thing try to have a few healthy ones in the house. Hummus with veggies, olives, and edamame is also a good one. Making sure you have the right stuff on hand can help save yourself from going down an unhealthy path.

  • Make room for some special occasions to eat delicious treats, just not every day. Being healthy does not involve a diet that is so strict that you couldn't possibly stick to it for very long. It's more about moderation and quality. If you're going to eat something in the not so healthy spectrum do it right. Don't eat the Twinkie, eat the homemade tiramisu. I always make time for a little bit of red wine and dark chocolate.

  • Surround yourself with people who have similar beliefs about health and wellness. Create a strong support system for yourself. If you don't have anyone, go out and find them. Find a few mentors online....like me, I'm here for you....there is quite a few and I'm sure someone will resonate with you.


These are some pretty simple things you can do to set yourself up for success. Even if you just focus on one, focus on the one that will have the biggest impact on your health. Go for it, you're worth it!


Xo, T


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