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A Summer Reset for the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Every spring and fall I always get this urge to reset my energy my body, mind, and soul. It's as if over the winter and summer things get all clogged up and I need to clear everything and reset. 

I reset my eating habits, and my fitness, balance my stress levels, and make sure I’m having plenty of fun. 

I check in with myself to see what it is I need and I make sure I do it at the highest level I can. 

It's usually about 8 weeks and by the end, I feel amazing!

Now, this usually takes place in May but I’ve been traveling which makes me feel like I need this even more so I’m looking forward to getting started.

I always start with food because it has a huge effect on my energy and it gives me an immediate boost. I  also love doing it, the cooking the planning, and the growing of the food. Next week I really get started with all my gardening and if you want to follow me to see what it is I do, then join me on Instagram @tinastinsoncoach


Some of the things I focus on are:

  • Mindful and intuitive eating
  • Eating whole plant-based food only
  • Following the 80% full rule, kinda part of mindful eating.
  • No added sugar


It's Super simple but not always the easiest to implement. Now that I've been doing this for a while, it comes much easier.

To continue with the reset of the body, I’ll be implementing 10-15 minute strength workouts 3-4 times a week and stress-reducing body movements like yoga and getting out into nature daily for a walk. 

For the “reset the mind” portion I’ll be focusing on reducing stress and overwhelm and increasing fun, playfulness, and joy. I do this by focusing on decluttering the mind, space, and processes and also adding in some mindset work on being present, happy, and grateful in the now.

When we combine stress reduction and mindful eating it helps us digest better, absorb nutrients better, and lose weight. When we bring ourselves out of fight or flight we can lose weight.

For the soul portion of the reset, I’ll be focusing on my 100 list, and also the mindset of thinking big and moving forward toward my big dreams. 

The 100 list is something I learned from Melanie Ann Layer, I’m not sure if that's what she called it but that's what I call it. Its kinda a bucket list but you add everything big and small. So big, having the #1 podcast in the US, and small, getting all new matching comfy underwear. 

You keep this list accessible so you can look at it often, especially when you think you might be bored with life, lol.

This also adds an element of playfulness to your life!

After about two weeks I start to feel really great, energized, and full-on inspired! 

I love doing this reset because I’m not just focusing on one thing, like the body, this is usually what most people focus on. I look at the whole picture of what I need to feel great in my life and I give myself that!

I do it with small easy steps that when implemented over time create big changes. I also do it in a way where you can continue on with the process as a lifestyle change. Not just a temporary situation. 

You might ask. Why, if this is my lifestyle do I need a reset in the first place?

Great question.

No one is perfect, I like to eat cookies and indulge in some wine, whiskey, and chocolate. When I get into too much of that, I start to feel it in my body and my energy. That's usually when I do a reset. 

I also do it when I gain a few pounds which always means I've been eating, not so great, and not moving enough. 

For this week’s deep-level self-care practice I encourage you to check in with yourself, your body, and your soul and ask yourself what do I need right now? What will serve my health? What will serve my soul and create happiness, balance, and energized inspiration?

I’ll also be creating a group of ladies who want to do this with me and I’ll most likely be starting on June 18-19.

When I have a bunch of driven like-minded ladies by my side doing this reset with me, it's waaaay more fun. 

I’ll be talking more about this later this week & next week so stay tuned and if you're not on my email list, get on it here because I will definitely send out an email before we start. This will definitely be a super relaxed super fun group, but also very transformational. 

You can get started this week by asking yourself those questions though. Checking in with yourself and asking what you need is something so simple but not many of us do this because we are so busy with the everyday normal BS that distracts us from living our best life. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this week's practice and shoot me an email or send me a message on Instagram letting me know that you're committed to doing this for yourself. Deciding and declaring your action is the first step. 

Lots of love & care.

Xo T


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