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Life On My Terms: 3 Ways Drift Through The Drama & Stay On Your Life Path

mindset self care self love Aug 21, 2023

This is a fairly new lesson I’m learning with the help of this unpredictable completely crazy world we’re living in right now. Every day we hear terms like, unprecedented, challenging, turbulent, and unmatched, I could go on but I think you catch the drift.

It's been a ride that just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Just when you think something crazier can’t possibly happen, it does. I question nothing now and if someone said there's been a bird zombie outbreak, I’d be like, okay, what else you got, bees that electrocute us, no problem, I got this. 

The truth is though, that I don’t. This is a lot and the weird underline stress of it all wears you down. This is where my new lesson comes in. How do I hear about all this craziness but still stay sane and on the path I want to be on, how do I stay positive through the world drama? How do I keep myself healthy and as happy as possible? Good question right?


Well I have some suggestions, but I’ll be the first one to admit, It’s a work in progress…ongoing still to this day. 


Here's what I got.


Stick to an oldie but goodie rule of, what you focus on expands. I learned this from what I call TikTok University. Anytime anything tragic or scary happens, it’s front and center on the news and social media. You can really get sucked into all the details. This happened to me with all the wildfires. I was reading and watching all about it and the algorithms kept sending me more and more and then more about other world disasters and before you know it I’m thinking the world will not be here in the morning so I should just eat ice cream all night and enjoy what's left. 

I’m not saying to be uninformed, I’m saying learn the facts, do what you can if anything, and then don’t keep leaning into it... Don’t keep scrolling and watching. It will not help anyone and it will positively make you feel shitty and have a negative effect on your day, That helps no one either. 

So try not to focus on the bad and look for the good in the world. It is definitely there. Focus on that.


Do something to help with a situation or a person. This not only helps the situation but can really keep you focused and involved in the most important part of any tragedy. That is needed to improve any situation. Some of the things we’ve been faced with over a period of a few years have been huge and really overwhelming. I know that I felt, what difference can I make? It does make a difference though. The more people who take these small steps to help, the bigger the impact. You make a big difference. It could be your vote. It could be where you shop, who you donate to, or just being nice and a positive source of light to one person who needs it that day can help. These small actions matter. DO NOT WRITE THEM OFF.


Focus on the positive. This kinda can tie into number one but it's a little bit different. Look around at your life. Look at some of the people who are in your life who love you, support you, and are just a compliment to everything. Are you safe, your family? Do you have food on your table, and a roof over your head? Not everyone has this right now so if you do, great! Even if it’s just a few of these things or more. Focus on these. Embrace what you have. Add to it, share it. Because as you know from the first point I made. What you focus on expands. 


These things have really helped me stay sane. I also know I have no control over the world. I only have control over the way I DECIDE to RESPOND. Thats it. It’s pretty simple. 

I’m choosing to focus on the good and expanding that as much as I possibly can. 


Wanna join me? 


Xo, T

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