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Reclaiming Your Time: Strategies to Combat Screen Overload and Boost Self-Care

“Starve your distractions and feed your focus”

I’m not sure who said this, but they were onto something.

I recently heard a statistic about this topic. The average person will spend 20 years of their life looking at a screen. 

What?! You say? Yes, and I couldn’t believe it but also when I thought about it, yes, I can see this. 

Between the way we work, social media and email, yes. But 20 years though. 

I don’t know about you, but this was a wakeup call for me. That feels like a waste of a whole lot of living time and for a large portion of the population that continuously says, “I have no time”, I believe this is an important deep level self-care topic and it’s at the top of my self-care list this week. 

So how many of you are like me and are guilty of these statements:

  • I go on social media to maybe check a few messages and do a few things and before I know it, three hours have passed.
  • I sat down at the end of the...
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