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Want To Get Unstuck In Life? This Is The First Step

Want To Get Unstuck In Life? This Is The First Step


I know this sounds like a big promise to someone that has been stuck for a long time or someone who might have been trying to get unstuck for a while. However, I’ve noticed a lot of stuck people including myself forget this one first step that I think is the most important.


What do you want? What do you want to experience in your life? 


You might say, “I don’t know, that’s why I’m stuck”

Well of course I’m going to show you how to figure this out but before I start I want to talk about why it’s important to know this first. 


You know how when you go on an important road trip and you're starting from one place and you want to get to another? Say you’re driving from NY and you're headed to LA. You have a starting point and then a destination. 


Well, in order to get somewhere in our life we need the same thing. We don’t need to be “exact” at first. Not until we get closer. But we do need o have a general idea to get started. You know, to put into the GPS. 


It’s the same for your life. You need to know where you're starting, your current location and circumstances, and then an idea of where you want to go. 


Today we will talk about how to figure out where you want to head, sound good?


I love doing this exercise because it’s fun. So if you're not having fun thinking about where you want to go, you might need to loosen your imagination reigns and think big, fun, and amazing. 


Also, it’s important that everything you think about when I ask you some of these questions are your responses, not your partner, parents, kids, and society's unreasonable expectations. How do you know? Well if you're not excited about this new unstuck life, then chances are these are not your thoughts, dreams, and goals. 


So the first question is If the circumstances were perfect and there were no limitations. No physical, financial, or anything. What would your perfect life be?


Journal this out, Where would you live, what do you look like, who are your friends, and partner, what are you doing for a living, how do you spend your time, put in all the details. The colors, smells, the food you eat, what your home looks like. Do you get the idea? Details, details, details, put them all in and think big. Remember, there are NO LIMITATIONS.


We all struggle with this, we are so used to not having what we want especially as women. I mean we are kinda “trained” from birth to take care of everyone else first and put our own needs last. Some women take pride in doing this their whole life only to feel stuck, unfulfilled, invisible, and kinda depressed. Do you know what else we feel? So Fucking Tired!


I’m here to tell you it’s all bullshit, society's expectations, what we’ve been trained to do. This big pile of bullshit we’ve been handed. 


Let me tell you why.


Who serves society better:


A tired woman who feels underappreciated, unfulfilled, invisible, and stuck?




A woman who takes care of herself first follows her dreams and has a fulfilling life.


It’s pretty obvious to me.


Which one is healthier, happier, a better friend, mother, and partner?


Which one is better for our society as a whole?


Doing this work for yourself is not selfish, it benefits everyone in your life and in the world as a whole. 


Affirmation Moment: You're being happy and fulfilled benefits, everyone!


Repeat this to yourself every day!


Do this exercise more than once, as a matter of fact, I read my perfect life essay every day and when something stops resonating with me, I change it. You see, the more you do this, the more you know yourself and what you want in life. Hence the whole getting unstuck thing.


Now this last part is the most important part.


You need to know how you want to feel. 


You see, it’s not usually the house, the car, or the perfect partner, that we want. It’s how those things are going to make us feel.


It’s true, we need to know how we want to feel every day. 


Think about it. If you had the perfect house how would that make you feel?


Maybe, safe, happy, secure, and successful?


If you had more than enough money to take care of yourself and your family and then have a blast on top of that, how would that feel?


Maybe, free, secure, relaxed, peaceful, happy, capable, successful?


Do you see what I’m getting at? So write down a list of feelings after your dream life statement saying, “ I want all of these things in my life because it will make me feel…


In closing, the best part about this whole exercise is that even if it all seems impossible right now, you now know what you want and can take daily baby steps in the right direction. You're taking the wheel of your life instead of allowing someone else to decide and drive.


Also, you get to decide today how your want to feel. It’s a decision you make in every moment of every day. 


So what choice do you want to make today?


Xo, T


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