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This Is A Letter To All The Powerful Ladies Out There Ready To Make A Difference In The World, a letter to you,

Uncategorized May 12, 2023

This Is A Letter To All The Powerful Ladies Out There Ready To Make A Difference In The World, this is a letter to you, 


To all the ladies out there who know they are powerful and meant for more. They want to live fully into ‘their” authentic dream life. 


Deep down inside they know they are meant to do great things in their life, they can feel it in their bones. There is a part of them that over time has been pressed down, muted, and put on hold. You feel STUCK, like you're on pause, but you can feel something brewing, you can feel it in your soul. You yearn to live more, to live fully, to put yourself out there to experience and create great things in the world.


I help bring that part of you out again, I help you re-introduce yourself to the world, I help you find your passion and purpose, and that playfulness you know you have inside of you.


That part of you never went away. It's just been buried deep by all of the bullshit societal expectations demanded of you for so long. You were told it's good to be the person who does everything for everyone, your partner, kids, parents, friends, work, and business. This can be good, but not before you care for yourself. You have to fill your cup first, put on your own oxygen mask, and all that stuff first.


You have to feed your passions and purpose because a woman who doesn't put herself first, puts herself into the world tired and stressed, shes half-assing it, she is not her full self. 


When you do this over time this makes you forget who you are, what you like, and even how to have fun. You put your fun and passions on hold, all for what? To be burnt out, overwhelmed, drained, and purposeless.


A woman can not put the best version of herself into her work-her family-her partner-her passions, without filling her cup first.


So if you want to feel healthy, happy, capable, successful, empowered, relaxed, and most important FREE. Free to be you. Then you have to NOT do what is expected of you by society.

As a matter of fact, I would say to do the opposite.


You have to do what you know deep down in your heart & soul is good for YOU, cares for YOU, and supports that powerful version of you that you know you are.


Feed your soul, master your mind, and support your health always at the highest level and then you can share the most powerful version of yourself with the world, partner, kids, everyone!


You might feel right now that this is not possible because you feel very stuck, maybe for a long time. You might feel, invisible, muted, stressed, tired, and anxious, you might feel you don’t have it in you. 

  • You might think you’ve been stuck for so long you don’t see a way out.
  • Do you think you are too old, too young?
  • You feel like the best of your life is over, that's how you feel you’ve been treated.
  • You feel like there is nothing left. 


I know this feeling well because I’ve been there and I learned to find everything I needed to empower myself right inside of me. You have it too and that's where I come in. 

I’ll guide you and show you the way. One small step at a time, maybe some big ones. 


You see I know you’re not finished. I know how very powerful you are. I see this in myself and my clients, past, present, and future.


This is your time to create, become, and share the fullest version of yourself with the world on your terms. Very powerful.


It’s time to learn who are really are, and what you want, and remind yourself what you’re capable of.

All while having no fucks to give!


It’s time to do the things you want to do, be the woman, partner, mom, or friend that you know you are. 


As soon as you step into her, be her, and support her at the highest level. All the things you want to experience, they will be drawn to you like a magnet. Because you’re aligned with them. 


So ask yourself, what do I want to do with my time left in this world?

What do I want to experience?

How do I want to feel?


I’m here to help you step into that fully and claim it!


We reset your mindset first, then learn to support your body and health at a high level, and lastly, we learn to soothe and heal your soul. 


We will use my proven 11-Step Reset & Thrive Framework which is the process I use in everything I do and teach.


I know it works because it saved my life and changes the many lives of the people I work with.


This is how you move forward with success and not with burnout. 


This is how you step into your life and live now.


I know what it's like to feel stuck like there's nothing left for you.


I woke myself up and I’m here to wake you up too!


I work with women who want amazing things in life but they might be experiencing a lack of movement forward. They might be:


  • Feel completely stuck and are ready to move forward
  • Going through a separation/divorce
  • Healing from sickness or injury
  • Going through a transition in their life
  • Have big goals and dreams but don’t know how to make them happen


I know you because I was you.

I’m here to tell you and show you that all of these things, these blocks are complete bullshit. 


I show you how to reconnect with yourself, you’ll know your core values that you want to live by and start living them right away.


I help you remember who you are.

How powerful you are.

How capable you are!


We look at all the areas of your life and dig deep into them and create what you want to experience one small shift at a time. 


Small shifts create big changes over time!


You’ll be in alignment with your soul.


Are you ready to stop watching your life go by, are you tired of standing still?


Because I know what it feels like to stand still, it feels like your soul is slowly dying.


Let’s get your life started.


Are you ready to start your second half?


Learn how to work with me HERE by setting up a call to chat.


Xo, T




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