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Creating Your Dream Life, Live in Your Purpose, & Be Happy

Happy New Year!

I love the time and space we have right before the new year. You know from that time after the Christmas holiday is over to the new year. I know, this title sounds too good to be true, 

Creating Your Dream Life, Live in Your Purpose, & Be Happy.

But why not start the year off this way!

If you want to check out the podcast on this topic, head over HERE.

I spend this whole week reflecting on my past year, creating the space I need for the new, and then dreaming, planning, and creating inspiration for the new year. 

What comes up always surprises me. Last year I decided on creating consistency in my business. I would say I was very successful in doing this. 

Now, I want to redesign and simplify how I show up to make it clear to everyone in my world what kind of work I do. My main focus is inspiring women to step into their power and out of burnout and overwhelm, acknowledge their true selves. I do this with mindset shifts and deep level self care and self love.

So, I’m streamlining my offers and my coaching to this focus so the decision to work with me is easy, if you need inspiration, confidence, reconnection with self, and find yourself overwhelmed and maybe burnt out, I’m your gal. Nothing that some good old mindset shifts, and deep level self care can’t fix!

Another thing that came up though was fun. I love to have fun; I love being silly and I feel I’ve lost this a bit from 2020 on. So, while I’m uber focused on redesigning my business to simplify, my main focus of the year is to find joy, fun, and playfulness in everything I do. 

I’m going to have some fun! Lots of it! 

I’ve decided to only spend my time doing the things I’m passionate about, the things that are fun and that bring me joy. 

I realize not everyone can just quit their job and start spending 100% of their time on their passions but you can start small and move forward from there. I’ve been working on this since 2020 and this year I finally feel that I can complete the shift. 

Don’t get me wrong. Life is never all rainbows and butterflies. We all have ups and downs. What I’m doing is spending my time, 100% of it, on things I love and that give me purpose. When I do them, I’m in flow, and I feel happy, inspired, and purposeful.

The first thing I did when planning my new year was reflect on the past year, all the wins and the struggles. I looked at all the lessons learned and how they helped me grow.

Most importantly, I celebrated my wins! We don’t do this enough so be sure to do this. When we do this, we energetically create space.

Then I looked at my core values in all the areas of my life and saw if I’ve changed. I ask myself what’s important to me in all the areas of my life, what do I want to experience?

Then I start to dream and set big audacious goals in all these different areas. I don’t worry about the how, I just worry about the first small step. When I finish that I ask myself, what is the next step? I make sure these goals are aligned with my core values. 

I spend a lot of time dreaming about what my life will look like and feel like when I reach these amazing dreams and goals and I write it out as if it has already happened. 

I come up with all the first steps I think I need to make for all these goals, and this is where I start. 

Like I said earlier. Don’t get frozen in the how. You’ll never move forward. All you need is the next step. Do that step. Then ask, did this work out? Did I move forward in the right direction? If so, come up with another small step. If not, Ask yourself why? What did you learn? How do you need to shift? Then come up with an adjusted next step. 

Thats all folks!! The secret to reaching all of your dreams! 

You just have to keep going, right? 

Well, if this is your passion and your dream aligned with your core values then this should be no problem. But if you find yourself bored and uninspired, then I would ask yourself, Is this your dream? Or is this an expectation from society, family, whoever. 

Make sure this is your dream. 

The program I use to do all this work is my Inspire Masterclass. I usually do this live between Christmas and New Years, but I didn’t this year. 

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  • Know Your Starting Point
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Once again, Happy New Year! Make it amazing and fun!

Xo, T


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