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How to Reset, Heal & Recharge: Creating Your Personal Sanctuary

How to Reset, Heal & Recharge: Creating Your Personal Sanctuary


The beginning of this year has been definitely centered around healing and calming my nervous system. I feel that this is what is needed for me right now and it seems to be needed by a majority of the population. 


For me it’s about taking charge of my emotional state, my energy state, and keeping it steady even though there might be a lot going on, in society and maybe also in your personal space. 

I feel if I can master this then I will be able to handle the stresses surrounding me in a healthy way, without it disrupting my nervous system.


How many of you are feeling this? Everyday it’s something new and if we continuously react to it then we will be in a constant state of emergency or flight or fight. 


Today's topic is about having spaces to rest, heal, and recharge. Creating your own personal sanctuaries in all the spaces of your life. 


You can have these spaces in your home, at work, outdoors, or they can be an activity. 


I grew up on Long Island, I was surrounded by water all the time and no matter which way I went at some point I would hit water. So I spent a lot of time at the ocean and the sound. As a child we had a boat and I spent many days with sand crusted to my whole body. 


I know for some people, this can be their worst nightmare but for me this is heaven. All day in the sun, with my toes at the edge of the water, building magical castles out of sand. As a teen we would go clamming, and to parties on the beach. 


When I was around fourteen or so my best friend at the time, her father worked nights. He would come home in the morning, and he had a 4-wheel drive bronco. He would drive us to the beach where you could take the trucks right onto the sand. He would sleep in the back of the truck, and we would spend the whole day on the beach. These are some of my best memories. 


When it comes to the water, it brings me nothing but comfort and it’s no surprise that this was one of my places to spend time alone when the world felt too much for me. When you look out into the infinite ocean it makes you realize how small everything is and then much more manageable.


After leaving the Island, being upstate, it took me a while until I accepted lakes, and creeks as my places. No matter where I live, I have a place like this. 


What is your place in nature? Is it a deep evergreen forest? The ocean, Where do you feel you can rest, heal, and recharge?


When it comes to our homes they are equally important to have this type of space. It could be your bathroom, the one place we can truly shut the door and get some moments of peace, your bedroom, maybe you have an office, or you’re lucky enough to have a room for workouts, yoga, and meditation. Maybe the kitchen space does this for you and when your cooking time disappears and nothing bothers you. We are all different and that's why creating this sanctuary for yourself is so important. 


When you have your space, it’s important to make it as beautiful as possible. Add your favorite colors, cozy textures, smells that relax you, a candle or a diffuser. Have this space organized and remove all clutter. Clutter adds friction and friction creates stress. For sure have music, and lastly, make sure you can immediately go there to rest, heal, and recharge. Create this space over time, make it your own, make it beautiful to you.


For me, my kids are grown now, so my home is my space. This comes easy to me now but when I was a single mom of three, there was no space, well maybe sometimes the bath, but that's about it. It was also hard to keep things clean and decluttered. 


So, my sanctuary was my activities. I ran, I did MMA, CrossFit, yoga, hiking, walking, you name it, I did it all. The things that have stuck over time have been running, walking, hiking, and yoga.


These still help me heal, rest, and recharge. 


Different activities help with different things, and I talked about this in another blog post about creating your own self-care toolbox. You can read that HERE. 


But yoga helps me rest and sometimes heal depending on the type of yoga. Running helps me recharge, and any time I’m out in nature it does all three. 


Finding these supportive spaces for yourself where you know you can take care of yourself, give yourself what you need are an important part of your self-care. You need to spend time in at least one of these spaces every single day, if not all of them. Sounds too good to be true to spend so much time being in comfort but why not? This morning, I took a walk, did yoga, took a bath, and made myself a delicious breakfast, all before work. It’s possible. 


It’s possible with intention. This does not come naturally for me. I tend to overwork myself. So, taking this time for myself feels wrong sometimes because we are all programmed that our worth is based on our productivity. We also know that this is not true, and I know from experience that when I take this time for myself every day, I feel great, and I share that version of myself with everyone else. 


Now, is this perfect, do I do this all the time? No, I’m human. I get stuck in cycles of stress and doing. But I always know what happens when I do this, I don’t feel good. So, I reel myself back in and get intentional. I make myself spend time doing the things I love that make me feel rested. Give myself the space to heal and recharge. 


What do you do if you don’t know your spaces and you don’t know where to start? 


Well, that is this week’s self-care practice. I want you to start paying attention to the times when you are doing an activity and it feels good, relaxing, healing, it recharges you and gives you energy. Start to make a list in your journal and if you don’t have one start one. It could be a notebook, or even on the note's app on your phone. Just keep a list and start. 


In your home, start to create beauty and comfort in an area where you can rest. If you are a single mom, like I was, this can be your bathroom. Add your favorite colors with towels, bathmats, paint, and art. Add your favorite smells. Declutter and keep it as organized as possible. When you step into this space it should feel good. 


Try new activities that you think will help you, a walking group, running, swimming, gardening, hiking, or even qi gong. Try them all out and see what works. 


~Find all the spaces that help you heal, rest, and recharge. 

Then, spend time in these spaces every day!~


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Lots of love and care,

Xo, T

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