What Is The Next Level "You" Like?

Have you asked yourself that question yet?

  • You've read all the books, worked really hard trying to reach your goals,  and also tried to improve your health. You might have even tried a few courses but nothing seems to stick.
  • You feel stuck, stagnant. You know you have so much more to offer and want to start living a full purposeful life.
  • Do you feel frustrated, despite trying your hardest, that you're unable to bridge the gap to where you want to be?
  • You are so ready to take that next step but you don't know what it is?
  • Have you said over and over again that someday I'll hire a coach to help me get to that next level?

Well, now is the time to get started!

I know what it's like. Ten years ago I was so stressed out that I had a stroke. I had zero self-confidence and lived in a state of panic, just surviving, with no direction. I was just reacting to my life.

~I believe I survived and thrived for a greater purpose~

I'm here to make an impact on people's lives!

I was so determined to get to where I was thriving. So I could be proud of who I was and be an excellent support system for myself and my children.

Over the past 15 yrs, I created a system to have unstoppable health, unapologetic confidence, unwavering self-care practices, and a process to find my life purpose and live it.

It's not acceptable to me for women to stay stuck or feel invisible or like they're not enough.

~ I know ~ For sure ~ They have so much to offer in this world ~

And the world needs you!

I'm also determined to keep raising myself to the next level so that I can keep doing the same for my clients!

When I hit a roadblock, I know I'll figure it out. As I grow, I can keep teaching you to do the same.

I'll keep improving because I know I'm here to help you do the same.

I've learned so much over the last 15 years, some really hard things. I now know quick ways to successfully navigate these things and it's my job to pass that onto you. This way you can experience the same joy and success I've had in my life. I'll just help you get there in warp speed:)

I use the framework I created called Reframe Reset & Thrive in my life, and in all my teachings and I've had great success with it and I know you will too!

Reframe, Reset & Thrive into the next part of your life and be the bad-as* you know you are!

I'm determined to get you to see how your life will be after you apply the frmework and start living in your purpose.

Together we will:

  • Reset your health and nutrition so you can feel energized, lose any extra weight you might be holding onto, and regain your health.
  • We learn about how nutrition and movement are different for women than men and how you should eat and workout as you move forward in your life for optimal health and energy.
  • Learn mindset techniques to help achieve your goals and sustain them for good.
  • Learn a technique to overcome any fears and blocks that get in the way of your dreams and goals.
  • Make your deep-level self-care a priority without the guilt. Also, create the time you need for your self-care practice!
  • Crush any goal your heart desires!

What you get

When you sign up for private coaching you receive:

  • Unlimited sessions, monthly.
  • Unlimited Voxer support. (A Texting APP) 5 Days M-F 9-7 pm EST
  • Personalized Meditations, EFT Tapping, and Affirmation Recordings
  • Full access to the Soul Aligned Self Care Bootcamp



What To Expect

First things first - The Change is up to you - If you want to grow, transform, and make exciting changes - You have to be ready - To Do The Work - 

By signing up for private coaching you are committing to yourself to go to that next level of yourself but you want to do it quicker.

You know you need support and guidance and at the same time someone to hold space for you so you can heal.

You know it will be work but you're ready, willing, and committed to yourself and the work.

You have an open mind to learning, you're ready for the next step, and you're ready to implement and move into your dream life!



This Is My Responsibility

I will show up and be there to support you and hold you accountable.

I'll show you everything I know and all that I've learned over the years to create this balance and success.

I'll help you break through those blocks by showing you simple strategies that work and keep working long-term.

I'll show you how to create the next level, confident, kickas* lady you know you are.

The world needs that lady today!


Of course, I'll share with you everything that's worked like a charm for me!

We will use my Reframe Reset & Thrive framework - The same one I use for myself and all my clients - You'll get all the workbooks that will help get you started and free up our 1-1 time together for questions and set up strategies on what we will work on next and help you break through when you get stuck.

My favorite part is helping women like you!


Set Up Your Free Intro Call!

Learn to start..

Connecting with Yourself

As we spend years working on our careers, raising kids, and trying to do it all we sometimes lose track of who we are and what we enjoy. Reconnect with you, add joy back in to your life and gain undeniable confidence!!

Fuel Your Beautiful Body

Learn all about how to fuel your body with the most nutritious foods to promote health in your life and get back that energy. Feel great again!

Be a Master of Self-care

You will be a master at deep-level self-care without guilt, when you apply this level of self-care, you have more energy for dreams, goals, fun with your family, friends, and significant other.

"Tina Stinson is an awesome Coach. She is kind, caring, understanding, and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone. She also has some great plant-based recipes and workouts!"


"Tina was a pleasure to work with and we had great communication through-out the process. I had different expectations going into the program but ultimately was pleasantly surprised with the end results that Tina helped me work towards. Changing my mindset and views on myself and my habits to help me strive towards a healthier lifestyle and realize what worked for me individually."


"Tina is a bad-ass Coach that will help you lose that talking tummy. She motivates and gives me the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices everyday!"


""What I have learned through Tina's Reset and Thrive Mastermind has changed my life! Tina's program helps you dive deep into your mindset, life purpose, goals, and nutrition and health so you can reach all those goals with vibrance and vitality. The work I have done on myself with Tina's tools and help has given me a clearer path and helped me to trust my intuition. Throughout this journey, I know that I can count on Tina to be there to help support me, give me guidance, and help me to fulfill my best potential. Tina's coaching style is practical and insightful, and she makes you feel like you are talking with a good friend. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to thrive and live their best life.""

Renee Hagar-Smith, Founder, Mindful ADHD MAMA

""Tina’s Self-Care Balance Alignment Session was just what I needed! I have been in a weird place not knowing where to start and after just one session with Tina, I now know where I can start to get back on track!" "

Jasmine Smith Foster

Private Coaching Investment

By clicking the links below you will be prompted to set up your first free call where I will give you all the details to get started!

Private Coaching with Tina Stinson - 3 Month


Paid In Full

Three Months of Full Private Access

 Fully Customizable with teaching around the Reset and Thrive Framework.

If you need a payment plan, this can be set up during our intake call.

Get Started Here!

Private Coaching with Tina Stinson - 6 Month


Paid In Full

Six Months of Full Private Access

 Fully Customizable with teaching around the Reset and Thrive Framework.

If you need to set up a payment plan, this can be done during the intake call.

Get Started Here!


There are no refunds.

There is a requirement for a full commitment for you and also for me.

There are very limited openings for private coaching. Once you fill this space, It takes the space of someone else who could not get in at that time.

That is why I ask for your full commitment and I will do the same.

If there are extenuating circumstances we can discuss a solution privately.

You will have access to my private calendar.

You can schedule sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or whatever works for you.

I do suggest picking one day a week and sticking with it. What is commonly done is scheduling the same days every month.

I do mostly all my coaching on Mondays Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Any other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

Hi! I'm Tina. A Certified Health and Life Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor. Yes, I got into the nutrition stuff and I love it! I've spent time studying and getting certified in confidence coaching, life purpose coaching, and happiness coaching. I really love learning how I can go deeper with my clients and will always keep learning! I am currently studying to become a Master Life Coach.

I went from stressed-out, not too happy Mom with a high-stress sales job to a happy. healthy, confident lady who raised 3 fantastic humans and found my life purpose. 

I've also made the decision to move into my midlife, second half, or whatever you want to call it being unapologetically me. To help as many women as I can get to their next level of life, health, and move forward and keep thriving. This is my purpose and I absolutely love it!

If you want to learn more click below.

Enough about me though, this is all about helping you bridge the gap to where you want to be. So where is that?

Learn More About Tina

I completely believe in my ability to help you get to the next level in your life and achieve any goals or dreams you want to work on. - You can transform -

I also believe the strategies I use will completely transform your life and help you move forward, unapologetically as a kickas* powerful woman ready to set her life on fire and live with passion, purpose, and impact!

Disclaimer: I don't guarantee specific results, not everyone has the same starting point, goals, and needs.


The Process To Get Started


  • Email me with any questions at [email protected]
  • Set up the free intro call with the link below. I'll tell you more about the whole process.
  • We will go over the application.
  • Then I'll send the link for payment and you can either pay in full or start your payment plan.
  • Email me if there is interest in Voxer-only coaching packages.

Before You Leave Me..


I'm glad you've spent this time with me today, you might be asking, is this right for me?

Take a moment and tune into your higher self. Actually, ask her right now. The first answer you get should feel right

It should feel exciting but slightly uncomfortable.

Remember, anything absolutely fabulous that you experience always happens outside of your comfort zone!

  • Think about your goals and those big dreams. How will it feel when you have them?
  • If you don't do this how will it feel to not move forward?
  • How would it feel to have unapologetic confidence?
  • How would it feel to step into that higher self version of you?
  • What will happen if you don't take the leap, how will you feel?
  • What will your life look like in 6 months if you take no action? and what if you do?
  • How will you feel if nothing changes? and how will you feel if everything changes for the better?

Email [email protected] with questions.


Now is the time to Get Started!

Take the first step and set up your call today! I really look forward to chatting with you.

Soul Mastery Accelerator

"Elevate Your Life, Redefine Your Journey"

Program Overview:

The "Soul Mastery Accelerator" is an exclusive, transformative coaching experience spanning 3, 6, or 12 enriching months. It's a comprehensive journey of personal evolution, designed to reset, revitalize, and elevate every facet of your life. This program is crafted to nurture your mind, body, and soul, fostering a deep reconnection with your authentic self and empowering you to embrace your true power and purpose.

  • Authenticity Rediscovered: Reconnect with your core values, rekindle passions, and realign with personal values.
  • Mindset and Belief Reset: Break free from limiting beliefs and patterns, empowering a mindset shift towards boundless potential.
  • Clarity and Direction: Gain profound clarity on personal values, set meaningful goals, and define a purpose-driven path.
  • Efficiency and Well-being: Streamline routines, reduce stress, and carve out space for holistic well-being and fulfillment.
  • Holistic Transformation: Achieve balance and progress in health, career, relationships, and personal fulfillment.

Benefits and Expected Results:

  • Self-Discovery: Uncover your true self, aspirations, and establish a roadmap for personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Efficiency and Balance: Learn strategies to optimize routines, declutter life, and create space for what matters most.
  • Inner Peace: Experience reduced stress, anxiety, and overwhelm while fostering mental and emotional well-being.
  • Goal Achievement: Craft a personalized roadmap to manifest dreams and goals, building a sustainable path to success.
  • Lifelong Skills: Gain goal-setting strategies and life skills to ensure continual growth and fulfillment beyond the program.
  • Transformation: Witness tangible shifts in health, career, relationships, and overall life satisfaction.
  • Confidence and Empowerment: Cultivate confidence, resilience, and a profound connection with your authentic self.

Package Inclusions:

  • Personalized Coaching Support: Access unlimited one-on-one coaching calls and continuous guidance via Voxer for comprehensive support throughout the journey.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Enjoy complete access to exclusive programs, masterclasses, and resources available during the program duration.
  • Yearly VIP 1-1 Mastermind: Engage in a year-long commitment featuring a personalized VIP mastermind session, providing exclusive coaching and support. For 12-Month Program

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