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Feeling Stuck in Life? Use These 5 Effective Practices

Hello Beautiful!

In this episode of the Soul Aligned Self-Care podcast, I'm here to share five practical steps to help you navigate life transitions and break free from feeling stuck.

Drawing from my own experiences and those of my clients, I talk about the importance of healing your nervous system, embracing change, following what makes you happy, practicing gratitude, and using journaling for self-reflection.

I provide real-life examples and prompts to help you put these steps into action.

Plus, I introduce my new paid membership, the Soul Aligned Self-Care Circle, which offers weekly journal prompts, meditations, and coaching calls. I warmly invite you to connect with me on Instagram and join the community.

This is what I cover: 

- Actions to take to get unstuck in life during times of transition
- Healing the nervous system and transitioning from stress to rest and reset
- Embracing change by mixing up daily routines
- Following happiness and finding joy in everyday life
- Practicing gratitude, even in challenging situations
- Utilizing journaling for self-reflection and growth
- Benefits of joining the Soul Aligned Self-Care Circle membership
- Weekly journal prompts, affirmations, meditations, and coaching calls offered in the membership
- Invitation to connect with Tina on Instagram and engage with the Soul Aligned Self-Care community

(00:03:21) - Start to Heal Your Nervous System
Explanation of the impact of stress and trauma on the nervous system and techniques to move from fight or flight to rest and reset.

(00:08:27) - Start to Mix Things Up
Encouragement to make small changes in daily routines to signal to the brain that it's safe to try new things and move forward.

(00:10:19) - Follow Your Happy
Emphasizes the importance of allowing joy and happiness in daily life and identifying activities that bring a state of flow.

(00:14:01) - Practice Gratitude
Discussion on the power of gratitude and the impact of focusing on the positive aspects of life.

(00:16:42) - Journaling
The benefits of journaling for self-reflection and growth, including different approaches to journaling and a journal prompt for exploration.

(00:22:41) - The Soul Aligned Self-Care Circle
Tina introduces the paid membership, including journal prompts, affirmations, meditations, and coaching calls for deep self-care.

(00:23:48) - Connecting with Listeners
Tina expresses her excitement to connect with listeners on Instagram and through the Soul Aligned Self-Care Circle, encouraging them to share their experiences.

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I’m so glad you came and hung out with me today on the Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast!

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