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Guest Episode w/ Benedict Beaumont, The Transformational Power of Your Breath

 Today I have special guest on, Benedict Beaumont and Ben is sharing the transformational power of breathwork.

Benedict is a Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and founder of the Breathing Space. He is passionate about bringing Breathwork out to the world, especially those who wouldn't normally have access to it.

Benedict runs transformational workshops and life-changing retreats internationally. It is his mission is to train as many people as possible in the power of Breathwork to spread the spark of transformation.

Ben was very generous with his time today and shared a wealth of information and also led a few breathwork practices!

Here's some of what we covered:

3:30 Ben's powerful story on how he was introduced to breathwork.

14:00 Why breathwork is so transformational.

22:38 Some of the different types of breathwork and their benefits.

23:50 Ben shares the practice he uses every morning call a lung stretch. This benefits your            respiratory health.

26:10 In this 2nd breathwork exercise Ben shares an exercise that benefits your diaphragm health.

27:32 3rd exercise for emotional regulation called coherent breathing. 

33:53 How to connect with Ben and why he started a breathwork school. 

40:15 4th exercise, conscious connected breathwork

48:15 Why this type of breathwork is so powerful.

52:00 The one practice you can use today to quickly get started with breathwork

I had so much fun hanging out with Ben today and I feel like I received a free breathwork session. 

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