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100th Episode! Going From Chaos to Calm in Your Life w/Deep Level Self Care

Dive into the 100th episode celebration of the Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast!

🌟 This milestone prompts reflection on the journey from chaos to calm, a core theme of the podcast. From working with clients to the blog and podcast, the focus has been on guiding individuals from stress and overwhelm to a state of inner peace.

Join me as I explore the essence of going "from chaos to calm," a mantra that encapsulates the transformative work I do. I've had the pleasure of supporting those dealing with stress, anxiety, burnout, and life transitions.

It's not just professional for me; it's personal—I navigate these challenges daily.

Discover the 11 deep level self care practices shared on the blog, podcast, and Tina Stinson Wellness programs, designed to help everyone move through chaos to calm. From decluttering, boundaries, to reframing, these practices delve deep into self-care, resetting the mind, body, and soul.

They've proven transformative, enhancing self-worth, confidence, relationships, health, and energy levels, fostering success and thriving.

Explore the Soul Aligned Self Care Intensive, where I guide participants through these practices, offering ongoing coaching. (SEE THE LINK BELOW) This is a commitment to sharing practices that can transform lives.

At the core of my mission is empowering women to prioritize themselves without guilt. Putting oneself first isn't selfish; it allows individuals to step into their best selves, positively impacting their relationships and the world. This stands in contrast to the societal narrative that often fosters fear instead of self-love.

Looking forward, the journey continues. From the blog and podcast to private coaching, group coaching, Patreon, and more, the offerings expand. The podcast will feature guests on various healing modalities, universal laws, human design, and exciting masterclasses, including the upcoming "Reset & Thrive: Free Masterclass for Women Ready to Transform Stress into Self-Care Bliss" in April 2024.

I want to thank everyone who has joined me as a listener and as a guest, I'm truly grateful for all of you. 

Thank you for joining me in celebrating the 100th episode!

Be sure to connect with me below!

Xo, T

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Xo, T


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