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Guest Episode with Adam Baruh, A Deep-Level Self-Care Journey Into Wellness

Hello Soul Aligned Self Care Community,

On this week's guest episode, I'll be talking with Adam Baruh about his journey into wellness with deep-level self-care. I feel it's very important to start to normalize talking about self-care for men as well as women and to also talk about the numerous benefits of being vulnerable and doing this inner work.

In this episode, we talk about Adam's personal journey back to wellness and how rewarding it was for him to experience this and to continue forward making this deep-level self-care for himself a staple in his life.

Adam is a self-designated serial entrepreneur and leads 3 companies as CEO: 

SuiteCentric: a NetSuite Solution Provider and reseller that Baruh has led for almost 7 years.

EIQ Media Group, LLC: a podcast production and software publisher. EIQ Media Group produces "How I Made It Through", hosted by Kristin Taylor, "Beyond The Microphone", hosted by Baruh, "What I Wish I Knew" hosted by Irene Ortiz-Glass, and "The Mentor Files" hosted by Monica Royer.

PodTask, LLC: an online podcast episode management and workflow platform that helps podcasters streamline their production flow. PodTask also has several AI-based marketing tools designed to save the podcaster time and elevate their marketing capabilities.  

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Let's get into it!

I’m so glad you came and hung out with me today on the Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast!

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