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018 The Get Unstuck Series - How To Live In The Present Moment

Hello & Welcome Back

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and I’m always struggling to do this myself so I thought it would be a great topic to talk about today.

Why is it so hard to keep yourself in the present moment?

If you're living in the past you're reliving old things that happened and this can show up as depression. When you're living in the future you're worried and anxious about what’s to be this can show up as anxiety. You worry about something that hasn't happened yet. 

Being in the present moment is the only place where you can have peace and feel happy. 

This is where your happy spot is. 

You have complete control of how you want to respond to your present moment. You get to decide to just be happy. 

The past is done and doesn’t exist anymore. Leave it there. 

Your future has yet to be determined. 

You can have a powerful effect on your future by how you decide to feel and be in your present. 

So how do we keep our thoughts in this moment?

In this episode, I'll be sharing 5 things that work for me and that I'm currently focusing on.

I would love to hear how they work for you!

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