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016 - The Get Unstuck Series - Finding Your "WHY" The Power Behind Your Dreams & Goals

Welcome back to the SASC podcast, episode 016! This week we are continuing on with the Get Unstuck Series talking about how to create some support and power behind your big goals and dreams by getting super clear about your “WHY”

  • I’ll talk about what your “WHY” is.
  • I’ll share with you a tool I use to find out deep down inside, what your “WHY” is.
  • I’ll also talk about how to use it!

This is a quick episode but a super powerful one that I thought was needed since we have been talking so much about setting big goals and dreams.

Be sure to share with me on  Instagram if & when you use this tool and what you “WHY” is. I love hearing from you!

Thank you for joining me today.

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