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029 How To Step Into Your Power & Start Choosing You

Hello Soul Aligned Self Care Community!

I had a thought this morning after and great night's sleep and some morning journaling and meditation that I wanted to start to shift my focus away from the Live With Purpose Series and move into Choosing You.

How to step into YOUR power and start choosing yourself on the daily so you can show up in your life as the best version of yourself.

Today I’ll talk about how you can start doing this every day.

You know I encourage you to take have big goals and dreams but to take small consistent steps and keep moving forward. Well, this is no different. Choosing to support yourself, your health, your beliefs, and your energy, and protecting that like your life depends on it is the DEEPEST level of self-care.

It’s creating and maintaining those powerful healthy boundaries and treating yourself with the same level of support you give your partner, your kids, and your best friend.

I recently saw a creator on Tik Tok (No, I don’t know her name but obviously, she is awesome, she told me so!) that was talking about dating herself and treating herself the way she wanted to be treated. I mean what are we waiting for? Just treat yourself like the goddess you are.

You teach people how to treat you by showing up for yourself and by setting and maintaining your boundaries in a way that shows, yes, we love ourselves and think that we are an awesome and amazing addition to this planet. When we do this everyone else will do the same.

This is just how it works, we show up first and then the universe follows.

In today's live replay, we'll go over some of those small steps we can take consistently, daily, to choose ourselves.

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Always be sure to add some deep-level self-care into your life every single day! 

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