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024 Live With Purpose Series - Dealing With Your Negative Inner Voice

Last week I talked about getting started and creating some forward action by setting big goals and dreams. If you missed it you can listen to Episode 023 with the link below.

But we haven’t yet talked about what to do when that negative inner voice pops up and puts a stop to all those big dreams. What a party pooper, right?

Today, we are going to talk about this and learn how to understand where that voice comes from and how to deal with it.

Also, before we get started,  I have something Fun, Epic, and Free planned.

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December 27, 28, & 29th, 2022

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What would happen if you decided that you were going to re-ignite your soul, set some big audacious goals & dreams, and keep going until you reached them?

You started with getting LASER focused on your goals and dreams

You learned how to handle all the negative self-talk like we are talking about today that pops up so it doesn’t stop you.

What if this time, you had solid belief in yourself and knew that the universe had your back?

If you want 2023 to be your year, you have to show up for yourself.

No more excuses, just the RESULTS you want.

I want to invite you to join me in creating the most In Inspiring year to come!

This isn’t just a goal-setting workshop. This is a value-packed workshop combining goal/dream planning while also living truly ALIGNED with your values and PURPOSE in your life.

Let’s make this YOUR best year thus far!

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First things first, that inner voice is not you.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

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