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021 - 10 Reasons Why Self Care Is NOT Selfish

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Why Is Self-Care NOT Selfish?

One of the things that I see day after day in my life and business is professional, driven women who feel guilty giving themselves any self-care at all, even at substandard levels.

I believe this stems from the way the majority of us are raised from birth to always care for and make someone else happy before ourselves. We are expected to take the role of caregiver even if we work full-time, and have a business. Not to mention, we are sometimes expected to take the brunt of the household chores as well. 

This my friend is a heavy load to take on and is NOT sustainable without repercussions on our health. 

The big part of the problem is convincing these amazing, smart, capable, and powerful women that they need to practice self-care daily and it is NOT selfish. 

They need to go against society's unreasonable and might I say bullshit expectations of us to do everything, be everything, and look good doing it. 

They need to understand that self-care is not selfish and today I’m going to give you 10 reasons as I can why it’s not and how it benefits everyone.


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