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005 5 Ways To Set Boundaries To Live Happier

Setting boundaries might sound a bit confrontational or limiting.

But Actually, it can be very expansive and kind.

it’s also what I think is one of the most important forms of self-care/self-love and can help you live your life more fully being authentically yourself.

What exactly is a boundary? A boundary is a limit we set around what we consider acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

What we will do or not do, accept, and tolerate.

A boundary is very personal, it has nothing to do with another person. It is our own setpoint for what is acceptable in our life and it is our responsibility to set and maintain them and no one else's. If you feel someone has stepped over one of your boundaries it’s because you let it happen. It is not someone else's job to uphold and respect our boundaries, it’s our job.

If you set a boundary and don’t hold to it then you will send the message that no one else has to respect it either.

We teach people how to treat us. It’s really about taking care of yourself and setting those standards. You’re letting the whole world know what your standards are.

While some may be similar to other people some are very specific to you and you are in charge of what they will be, 100% of the time If you’re feeling like you're not being treated right and maybe you’re feeling resentful this is a sure sign that you need to set some boundaries. A lot of times we might agree to do something, or be and act a certain way just to please someone else, or to not anger someone. This will usually bring up feelings of resentment for the activity or the person.

This is not a great place to be if you’re trying to be the best you in the world.

Learning to set and uphold boundaries protects your energy by saying yes to things that bring you joy and saying no to things that don’t. You have every right and I would say it’s your obligation to do this for yourself because no one else will.

On today's podcast, learn 5 ways to get started.

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