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What If I Told You Being Healthy and Balanced Doesn't Have To Be Hard?

Are you tired of all the confusing health and wellness information out there? your not alone.
I can help you, even with your busy life, regain health, balance, and total life bliss!
Yes, you can have it all!
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What Set's Us Apart From The Rest?

I believe there is a certain way you should approach a goal

  • First starting with your frame of mind, the way you tick. Then creating an individual plan of action moving you toward your healthy, balanced, success with support and accountability.
  • So first mindset, then plan of action, then support and accountability this equals long term success!

But that's not all, I'll also teach you.....

  • Top notch stress relief techniques.
  • Easy self-care strategies.
  • Simplified plant-based, whole food nutrition.

This way you can achieve all your goals in a stress-free environment while keeping yourself balanced and healthy and performing at a high level.

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How To Get Started

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Let's talk about what your goals are and how I can help you accomplish them.

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We will create a personalized step by step plan to help you reach those goals and sustain them.

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Experience caring guidance and support to help on your journey to a healthy, balanced plant-based life.

"Tina is a bad-ass Coach that will help you lose that talking tummy. She motivates and gives me the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices everyday!"


"Tina Stinson is an awesome Health Coach. She is kind, caring, understanding, and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone. She also has some great plant-based recipes and workouts!"


"Tina was a pleasure to work with and we had great communication through-out the process. I had different expectations going into the program but ultimately was pleasantly surprised with the end results that Tina helped me work towards. Changing my mindset and views on myself and my habits to help me strive towards a healthier lifestyle and realize what worked for me individually. "


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