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Choosing yourself, making your goals and dreams a priority, your self-care a priority, and having success with ease and flow instead of the overwhelm & burnout.

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 I Help Women Align With & Step Into Their Power So They Can Create Their Too-Good-To-Be-True-Life.

  • Without The Stress, Anxiety, & Burnout. 

  • Master your Mindset, and Practice My 11-Step Deep-Level Self-Care Framework.

  • Move closer to all your dreams and goals every day with ease & flow in your personal & professional life.


"Self-Care Is How You Take Your Power Back"

~Lalah Delia


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My name is Tina Stinson and I'm a Certified Life & Health Coach & Culinary Nutrition Educator, Plant-Based

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Welcome to the Soul Aligned Self-Care Podcast, I’m your host,
Tina Stinson, and inside the podcast we will talk all about deep-level self-care practices to help you have success in both your personal and professional life by reducing stress, anxiety, & overwhelm and creating a strong loving connection with yourself!

I’ll see you on the inside!

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Join Us In The Soul Aligned Self Care Book Club - January's Pick, Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

In this book club hosted on Patreon, we have a casual get-together of sorts, with a bunch of like-minded ladies who know how amazing they are, they know there is more to life and go through they are ready to make it happen! We are going to read some amazing self-development books together and do all the steps and work, as a group. So we're not just going to read it we're going to follow through.
How many of us buy a book and read it, but then do nothing? 
If we cover one book a month, we'll get through 12 in course of the year. How life-changing would that be?

Join us here at any time!

Xo, T

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