Reset and Thrive 5-Day Training

In this training you'll learn how to, reset your health and mindset, crush those limiting beliefs, find your life purpose, and rock your second half with unapologetic confidence!

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Have you been feeling stuck, tired, maybe even uninspired as you move into midlife?


In this training you'll learn how to, reset your health and mindset, crush those limiting beliefs, and rock your second half with unapologetic confidence!


What you can expect in this training ..

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Day 1 - Acknowledge and honor where you are now!

We as women get so busy in our lives taking care of others we can easily lose track of the things we love. We go through life unconsciously and sometimes lose our sense of self. Well enough of that. 

It's time to make the time and go find that bad-ass woman you are. Let's start by knowing where you are today!

Day 2 - Re-Visit what brings you joy.

We're going to explore all the things that have brought you joy throughout your life and look for a pattern. This is where we can get started! If there is a pattern, there is usually a reason for it. Let's dig deep and see what that reason is!

When we re-connect what brings us joy we find our life purpose,  we start to attract the right people and situations into our lives. We find our tribe and re-establish strong connections.


Day 3 - Reset Health and Wellness

We will talk about nutrition, movement, connection, and self-care! Wow thats a lot of info for one day! I'll do my best to make it simple.

Get ready to take some notes and make sure you watch this one twice!

Day 4 - Let's talk about gratitude and taking action.

Taking action is not something to push aside. If you taking your valuable time to be a part of this training then at least take some action and start change your life today. I'll give you some advice to help out with motivation! We will also talk about the importance of gratitude and how to start a gratitude practice. 

Day 5 - Crushing limiting beliefs and moving forward>>

I'll teach you a practice that I use myself to crush those limiting beliefs and talk to you about how you can continue to move forward with the Reset and Thrive Framework!

For those of you that think they can't jump like the woman in the picture, I call bullsh*t.

Have you been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, a little lost?

We need to change that!

Everything we are surrounded with throughout our whole life gives us the impression that once we reach mid-life as women we are past our prime, old and worn out, and that we are at some kind of an endpoint.

Media and advertising lead us to believe that aging is not good and we should do everything in our power to stop and delay it.

 It might make us feel unappreciated, somewhat invisible, overwhelmed, and just plain tired.

 Well excuse my French but this is complete bullshit. Mid-Life is just the beginning and can be a fresh exciting start.

 You've raised your kids and they're fabulous mini-adults, some women have conquered their careers and might be looking for a new one, some even might be in the middle of a separation or divorce which always leads to a new start. This can be exciting and scary at the same time.

 You get to dig deep, re-visit who you are at the core, and move forward with all the knowledge you've gained throughout your whole life thus far. This is exciting and you are absolutely ready to rock your second half!

 I hear women say all the time I wish I could back to my younger self with all the knowledge I have now and do everything over. I say, the experience you gained from your life is invaluable and you should use it now to move forward with complete confidence and power into midlife.

 This is your time, right now!

 Use this training as a springboard into your new beginning!

Let's start feeling great and living your life fully!

Set yourself set up for success in your second half!!

It's time to take that first step into a new life! We will learn simplified ways to set goals to make them achievable faster. We will spend time learning how to change our mindset and habits, get rid of those stubborn blocks so that when we reach our goals, and sustain them and keep moving forward.

We spend time talking about clean eating and nutrient-dense food. How to eat moving into midlife, and food etiquette to keep you healthy.

Self-care will become a priority to you as you relearn to put yourself first so that you can be the best version of yourself. 

We will get to know ourselves again, find what brings us joy and flow so that we can live with purpose and passion.

Step into your power and dig out that amazing woman we all know is in there!

Grab your unstoppable confidence below and join us in the program!

This is how the training will work..

  • You sign up for the training and you will receive conformation that you're in!
  • You'll be asked to join the private FB group, This is where I will go live everyday at 7pm with a new training. It's important to join!
  • On April 12 you will receive an email saying it's time!! You will also receive the free workbook for you to use throughout the training. It's basically the training in written form.
  • Starting at 7pm we will go live for the first training, woo hoo! We will be live in the group for the next 5 days!
  • You can ask questions during the training or after the training. When ever you have a question, just make sure to tag me so I see it:)
  • For every training you will have action steps.
  • You have to do the steps in order to see change, This is the most important part!
  • I will share with you how you can work with me further because it's hard for me to teach you everything I know in this training.
  • I'm hoping you work with me further. I would love nothing more. It is my goal to help women bring their best self/work into the world because the world needs more positive, powerful women like you to send that ripple effect across the planet!
  • If not we can still be online friends<3

It's pretty simple and I'll give you enough information so that you can make some immediate life-changing shifts in your life. How does that sound?

I'll see you on the inside, lots of love, Tina

How Reset and Thrive Was Born

 After having a stroke at 39, I've spent the past 10 years researching mindset, nutrition, and self-care. It started as a hobby reading book after book, podcasts, articles. and studies. Then I really wanted to change my career and decided to get certified as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Certified Life Coach,  and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor. 

I wanted to learn how to change my habits and beliefs so I could get different results, master nutrition so I could create optimal health, and infuse self-care and stress relief tactics to live healthfully, happily, and continue to learn and thrive in my 50's and beyond!

I wanted to create a quick-start solution to help get you started and out of that rut you're in. This is the push you need to get out and gain momentum toward a fantastic second half!

Are you ready?

Hi, I'm Tina!

I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor and I'm super passionate about helping you create health and balance in your life and feel like the strong and powerful woman you are! 

Are you ready to start living fully with purpose!

Are you ready to start rocking your second half?


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