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006 - 10 Ways To Treat Yourself At A High Level

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In This Episode of the Soul Aligned Self-Care Podcast, we are talking about some of the ways we can really start to not only take care of ourselves at a high level but also treat ourselves and have some fun with it.

You see a lot of us spend most of our time taking care of everyone else for most of our adult lives. Our significant other, kids, friends, our parents, just about everyone we love, and then some.

Some of us even take pride in being this selfless.

But the sad truth is, that if you're not caring for yourself at least at this same level then you will burn out, get overwhelmed, and it will even show up in your body as dis-ease if you do this for an extended amount of time.

Another negative side effect of being selfless is that after focusing on everyone else's well-being for so long and not your own, you lose yourself, you forget what you want and like in life. You feel a bit lost and sometimes stuck.

So today I’m asking you to consider some of the things we do for these special people in our lives, what we do when they come to visit when we make dinner for them and all the special little things we do for them. I made a short list of ten simple things. I want you to start doing these things for yourself, some of them every day. But if this is a new concept for you start out small with one thing today, see how good it feels, and then keep going.

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