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003 6 Self-Care Practices To Raise Your Vibration

Every single thing in the world has a certain vibration and to put it super simple, some things are high vibe, and some are low vibe, and then there are a bunch of different vibrations in between. So why should we want to vibrate at a high vibration? Because this is when we feel great, we are feeling ease and flow in our lives. Like attracts like so when we feel things like happiness joy passion that's what we will attract.

Sounds good to me. right?

Now, I understand, that we can’t be super positive all the time. We have ups and downs throughout our lives and when we feel something we need to feel it, experience it, and then process it. I talked about this in more detail last week on the podcast in episode 2 so if you have not checked it out definitely do so.

The key is not to stay there and keep repeating the negative thought or feelings in your head and body. If we experience something crappy we need to feel it, process it, and then maybe learn from it or adjust our path and then move forward.

Have the mindset that every experience is here to teach us or adjust our path so we can learn and expand as we live our lives

When you can get here, you will start to live with greater clarity, peace, and joy and handle different emotions with ease and grace.

Today on the podcast we will cover 6 easy ways you can raise your vibration.


I hope you enjoy this week's episode and as always, be sure to add some deep-level self-care into your life daily.

Here are the books I talked about in this episode:

A Happy Home by Patricia Lohan

Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

Stress Less Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

That's a lot of great books, I'm a book whore. I just cannot get enough of them.

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See you next week! Xo, T


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