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001 How These Deep-Level Self-Care Practices Saved My Life

Episode 001

“How  these deep-level self-care practices saved my Life”

 Hello, my name is Tina Stinson and I'm your host on the first Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast

A little bit about myself, I'm a certified Holistic Health & Spiritual Life Coach

Certified Culinary Nutrition Educator specializing in Plant-Based Whole Food Eating, Yum right!

I love to focus on Mindset, Deep Level Self Care, Manifestation

In this episode, I talk about how I went from a beyond stressed-out single mom of three to, having a stroke at 39, and what I learned while I was recovering.

I'll share with you some of the deep-level self-care practices I focus on to keep me in an optimal state of health.

What I hope to share with you on all the future podcast episodes is how you can implement these same practices into your life so you don't reach a point of DIS-ease in your body as I did.

Some of the takeaways:

  • Being healthy is never just about one practice (EX. Exercise. Eating Well) it's about looking at all the areas of your life and giving yourself the best care you can at that moment.

  • Being open to new things and having a growth mindset, one that's changeable, is very important when you want to make big changes for awesome results.

  • Always take care of yourself at the highest level so you can put the best version of yourself out in the world for yourself and your loved ones.

So I know I might have been a bit dramatic with the title of this episode.

What I know for sure is, Deep down these practices can save lives and improve lives, and that's why I’m still here, to share them with you.

In the following episodes, I will do my best to share the most useful and accurate information I have on these topics so I can help you reduce your stress levels, improve your mindset and health, and manifest your dreams!

Lots of love and care, talk soon.

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In case you didn't know yet, 

you're beautiful, loved, and worthy of everything you desire.

Xo, T


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