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My first major shift in my life occurred shortly after my divorce. I would have to say, I was in the best shape of my life...so I thought. I was exercising constantly to try to relieve some stress. I had just endured a few years of very intense constant stress. I was taking care of three children by myself. Trying to work at a very stressful 100% commission sales job. I lived in an area where I had limited support and no family. I had thought I had made it through and was maybe headed into an upswing.

On a May morning, I got up from bed to let my dogs out. I was walking and all of a sudden I fell. I got up and fell again. I repeated this a few times and then I realized something was very wrong. I won't go through all the gory details I will just say I had a stroke at 40.

Once at the hospital, the doctors told me this was caused by a tear in an artery in my neck most likely caused by a severe trauma or injury.  I did not have any severe trauma or injury. Unless you count a couple of years of severe stress. Yup, that was it!

I was very lucky to be alive and with no major damage. I was told by the doctors "Take it easy". "Don't run anymore". And my personal favorite "You are a delicate flower". However, I couldn't live with any of that. I did a lot of research and it was bleak. Until I found an article about a football player who had a similar experience and went on to continue to play football. That was it! Right at that moment I stopped and decided I would go with that one positive story. I decided I loved running and continued to do so.

I have run 1 Marathon, 5 Half Marathons, and 4 Ragnars ( 200 mile relay race), among many other fun races. So far I'm still kicking and still running today! The lesson I took away from this was, Don't take anything for granted and enjoy your life now. Not at some endpoint your going to reach. I get caught up if life just like everyone else but I always bring myself back to a balanced place and I continue to learn more about being successful living on purpose!

My second major shift was in 2013-14 when my Mom became ill. In a matter of two months, my Mother went from being a vivacious lively woman to being gone. She had passed away from cancer. Apparently, it was so metastasized that there was not really anything they could do. While my family had some time to prepare it was unbearable to watch this happen. I felt very frustrated and helpless.

These events created a call to action in my life. I was watching family members and friends struggle with autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. I myself struggled with stress, acne, and added weight around my midsection. Many of these issues are shared with the majority of the population including children. I decided I needed to figure out a plan to improve my odds, stay healthy, and help others do the same! My lesson from all these events in my life led me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to get certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. This is where I learned the concept of primary food and secondary food. Primary Food is your physical activity, health, education, career, finances, creativity, spirituality, joy, social life, relationships, home environment, and home cooking. Secondary food is nutrition. You need to create a balance between all these things in order to live a healthy life. This is where I come in. During my health coaching sessions, I will step by step, help you achieve this!

I also follow a Plant-based (vegan) whole food diet. If you have any questions about a vegan diet, if you are interested in learning more please contact me below, I'm very happy to help you! People ask me all the time, "Do I have to be vegan to work with you?". The answer is no, absolutely not. We are all different and our bodies need different things. It's best to learn what works for you personally. Do I push veggies on people, Definitely!:) To get a FREE Plant-Based Cookbook and learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet click HERE.

Because of my background, I plan on specializing in working with busy women headed into their second half of life helping them reset and thrive. I want to help them reach their goals while having a sense of balance and peaceful confidence moving forward! Are you ready to take back your health and freedom to live a balanced full life? Are you ready to live on purpose?

 I would love to share everything that has worked for me and strive to find the best things to help you on your path to a  Healthy Balanced Life! 

I look forward to spending time with you!


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