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Purpose Driven Life 

12 weeks to get unstuck in your life and start living on your terms in your purpose.

The coursework will begin on JUNE 19, 2023, and end sometime in Sept.

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This is for you if you’ve been feeling stuck in life. You feel like you have no purpose. You feel muted, invisibleleft behind, as if there is nothing left for you. Yet deep down you know there is.

You’re standing still watching life go by, watching other people move forward while you stand still and can’t seem to make the changes needed to move forward.

I hear this all the time from my clients, I hear people talking about this on social media and I have even felt this way in different times in my life.

I feel like this happens to us for two separate reasons.

 The first is that you might have spent a large part of your time caring for others, your family, partner, work, parents, friends, whoever or whatever it might be. 

You’ve been doing this at your own expense for years and years.

 The expense of your health, joy, and mental state. 

Now, because you’ve been doing this for so long that you lost touch with yourself, who you are, what you like, and what makes you happy. 

I see women doing this more than men. It literally sucks the life out of them and there is not much for them but feeling empty. 

 It’s time to put yourself first, reconnect with that powerful woman you know you are, and start putting the absolute best version of yourself into the world.

 I think this is how it should always be, putting yourself first, the new norm. Don’t give me any of that selfish bullshit. 

When you take care of yourself and support yourself at the highest level then you put the best version of yourself into your family, your work, and your community. There is absolutely nothing selfish about that. If this is selfish then I’m a selfish bitch and proud of it.

The second is that we are in a transition in our life. It could be a big one. A separation, divorce, retirement, recovery from sickness, or the kids going off to college. Sometimes our whole identity may be changing and this can be scary, not familiar, and we get stuck.

During the next 12 weeks, we have together, we will go through my 12-Step Practice of reconnecting with yourself and start the process of stepping into your purpose!


Join Purpose Driven Life

You Can Get Unstuck & Create The Experience You Want To Have In Your Life


Here are some of the things we will work on:

  • Where you’re starting, acknowledge how far you’ve come.

 *When you want to go from where you are now (STUCK) to having a new experience in your life you need to know your starting point and your destination. Just like when you use a GPS*

  •  Revisiting some of the things that bring you joy.

 *Learn how to reconnect with all the things through your life that brought you joy in order to learn about what you could bring into your life now.*

  •  Start to create a path where you feel lit up inside.

 *By taking small steps and adding the things you enjoy back into your life you can test and see how these things make you feel and keep the things in your life that make you feel in flow, lit up.

  •  How to eat for health and to feel good

 *If you want to get unstuck in life and put the best version of yourself into the world you have to care for the vessel that you're living in, your body. By fueling your body with things that help you feel good and thrive you increase your energy and support your health long and short term.

  •  How movement affects your well-being.

*As human beings we are not meant to sit still but we’re also not meant to be doing full hard hour-long workouts every day. Learn the type of movement your body needs to feel good, stay strong and healthy, and keep your energy levels up.

  •  The Power of nature and getting outside.

 *Going outside supports almost every aspect of your health. Your sleep, your stress levels, your blood pressure, your hormones. Getting a daily dose of sunshine, nature, and grounding keeps your body in balance.

  •  Connection with your soul people.

 *Having a positive connection with our community is a basic human need, like food and water, and shelter, we need it. Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive effect on you, love and support you, and lift you up and push you forward is a necessity to help you get unstuck and stay unstuck!

  •  Your Daily Self-Care Practices. I’ll share all of mine that work wonders for me.

 *Self-care is not just for the weekends. Making self-care a daily priority is as important as getting enough sleep yet many of us don’t do it until there are signs of disease and burnout. In order to put the best version of yourself into the world you need to take care of you first. Then everyone else. Makes sense to put yourself first because then you're giving the world your best self. Right?

  •  Loving yourself unconditionally.

*Loving yourself unconditionally while also being inspired to better yourself is sometimes a hard balance to make. Learning to accept, love, and support who you are, you are the only one like you, so be you and the best version of that, focus on that. We will learn how to keep our blinders on and keep moving forward.

  •  The Importance of Gratitude.

 * Creating a powerful gratitude practice that keeps present and grounded in your life has so many known mental and physical benefits. This is the one thing that's free and easy to add that will make the biggest transformation in your life.

  •  How to take action.

 *Simple but not always easy learn the simple easy ways to move forward without the friction we normally have when doing something out of our comfort zone.

  •  Dreaming Big VS Being Reasonable

 *Change your mindset around what you allow yourself to dream about and then create in your life.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

After spending the next 12 weeks with me and committing to making the changes and doing the work, you WILL NOT be stuck anymore.

Join Purpose Driven Life NOW

In The Next 12 Weeks, You Will…

  • Get Unstuck In Life
  • Experience Flow in All Areas Of Your Life
  • Create & Start Moving Towards Your Dream Life
  • Wake Up Feeling Inspired & Excited

This will light a fire under your ass and you will not be able to help but start moving forward and start looking forward to every day in your life.

What's Included In The Bootcamp...


12 Video Lessons For Each Step

 Explaining each step and any of the work that is included with each lesson which could be worksheets, exercises, journal prompts, meditations, and affirmations.


Weekly Facebook Lives 

Weekly Facebook lives covering each topic extensively plus any other topics needed to be covered exclusively to the group. 

There will also be time for Q&A's with me and all questions will be answered.


Weekly Meditations, Journaling Prompts, & Worksheets

Each lesson will have some or all of the above weekly Meditations, Worksheets, & Journaling Prompts. 

The Purpose Driven Life Is For You If...

  • You're ready to do the work and follow through with the necessary change needed to have an amazing transformation.
  • You're tired of standing still.
  • You want to make the most of your time in your life.
  • You want to do and create amazing things in the world, you're ready to move forward.
  • You are completely ready to awaken that badass version of yourself.

I'm Tina Stinson


After and tough divorce and then having a stroke at the age of 39 caused by stress, I knew it was time for some big changes. This is when I shifted the way I thought about everything. I knew I had to change things to keep myself alive for myself and for my kids. So I retired from my previous career and decided to step into being a holistic health coach, certified professional life coach, life purpose coach, and culinary nutrition educator.

I brought myself from rock bottom to thriving in my life and I know it's now my purpose to help other women destined to do great things in their life go from their bottom to living their best life as the best version of themselves.

I'll share everything that worked for me, my clients, and all that I continue to learn. 

I’m very passionate about this work because I spent years and years very stuck and I didn’t have a mentor or a guide/coach to get me moving.

I wished that I did because I spent way too much time feeling insecure, disconnected from my true self, and not feeling worthy of spending this time on myself. 

When you’re in that state it's hard to get going. But I did it one step at a time, I made the mistakes and redirected myself, I kept moving forward and that was key. It took me a long time to do this by myself.

I did all of this so you don't have to. 

I'll show you the quickest way to get from your point A to point B with love support and some ass-kickery. 


I'm excited to have you join me in a Purpose Driven Life.

The first 20 people that register will receive as a bonus gift, 5 powerful Shifts To Get Your Power Back, and 7+ months of plant-forward whole food meal plans, shopping lists, prep schedules, and batch cooking recipes. 

A $325 value!

If you feel stuck or have been stuck for a while than this program is a must for you. Don’t waste another minute in that stuck mode. Because I’ll tell you from personal expereince. Minutes turn into years and once you do get out, you’ll wished you had made a move sooner. 

Our time is out most valuable asset in life, this is important.

 How do you want to spend the rest of your time on this planet? 

Stuck or thriving in a life that you create. Yes, you get to create the life experience that you want to have so let’s get going and start making it real good!

Remember This Is Your Time & You’re Ready To Start Moving Forward.

Xo, T


Purpose Driven Life

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4 monthly payments


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Tina Stinson Wellness

I have a "No Refund" policy because you will receive a lot of your content immediately and also have lifetime access to the program. If you have any questions about the program, its content, and the time investment please reach out to me via email [email protected]

My Promise To You

Inside the Purpose program will be a place where you will have support, guidance, and accountability to implement the practices made available to you in this group. Having the support and being surrounded by like-minded women with the drive to put the best version of themselves into the world,  to reclaim their time as their own, and give themselves the permission to be 100% themselves can be the most powerful push and then momentum you need to get unstuck. Moving forward together!

Xo, T