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What are the benefits of finding my life purpose?

  • A renewed connection with yourself and your values
  • Improved relationships, connections, and networking
  • High satisfaction and happiness levels
  • More success at work and in your business
  • Better health and a longer life expectancy

When you take the time to truly reconnect with your values and the impact you want to have on the world you suddenly feel a sense of satisfaction and purpose. It will improve every area of your life including the most important relationship you have with yourself.


What Is The Find Your Life Purpose Group Coaching Program?

This program Is a small group intensive where we will work closely with each other as a group. All the coaching calls and program materials will be completely online which you can access from any of your devices.

Every week we will cover a new topic bringing you closer to living your life with purpose and impact.

I look forward to working together with you and watching you get to your next level and live life like the bad-ass you are!



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I Know The Feeling..

The feeling of being stuck in life, stagnant. Like you've been going through the motions and you lack the inspiration that you crave.

You know you want more out of your life.

You want to live fully and on purpose.

You want to make a positive impact on the world!

You want to wake up with energy and know what your purpose is here on this Earth.

You want better relationships, an amazing business or career, financial security, better sex, to feel and be healthy and fit. 

You want to experience joy, adventure, and freedom.

These are all things you can create in your life and no matter what path you've been on and no matter how long, you can decide today that it's time to change.

It's never too late for change!

It's time to live and thrive, not just exist!

Are you ready to make the decision to take that first exciting step?

This is how I approach every day of my life and I can help you do the same.

Xo, T

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

When my journey started.

When I was 39 I suffered a stroke that they never really found the cause of. I also had a clot go into my brain.

I was very lucky where I had really no significant damage besides some balance issues.

The recovery was a bit scary though. The injured artery that clotted up had to be left closed because it was too dangerous to fix. 

According to the neurologist, it would take 8 weeks. 

8 weeks of sitting still, sleeping on my back with my neck straight, no activity, no drinking, no stress. LOL

It was hard and scary and being a single mom with 3 kids, impossible. 

If it wasn't for my mom coming and living with me for the summer it would not have been possible. 

What this recovery gave me was time. Time to sit still and think a lot.

I think most people faced with an experience like this take this time to really think about how they are living their lives and what's important.

I thought, how can I be the best, healthiest version of myself so I can be a great role model for my kids and have a positive impact on the world.

This started my, at this time almost 15 yr. journey, into health, wellness, and coaching.

I have since received certifications in Holistic Health Coaching, Professional Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Culinary Nutrition Education, EFT Tapping, Reiki Level 1, and Yoga 200 hr. I love learning because it enables me to be a more effective, supportive, transformative coach!

It is my life purpose to help women step into their power,  reclaim their confidence, and live their life like the bad-ass they are.

I absolutely love what I do and can't wait to help guide and support you on your journey!

Xo, T


Imagine what it would be like when you finally get unstuck and start living fully in your purpose and making an impact! 

  • Imagine the positive ripple effect you could make on the world.
  • You would feel more fulfilled so in turn, your relationships would be fulfilling.
  • You would be rocking your job or business with confidence and on your way to making more money. Perhaps even starting a new business or career.
  • When you feel better about yourself and your life, you take better care of yourself and your health and energy levels will improve.
  • You will feel content, confident, and more ready to handle anything that comes your way with ease. 
  • You will learn to set and maintain strong boundaries so you can protect your energy and time. One of your most valuable assets.
  • You will feel more connected to your creativity and intuition allowing you to make better choices.

Finding your purpose in life really affects every area of your life in a positive way. It's one of our basic human needs to live not just a long life, but to be able to live it well!


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1. Revisit

Learn to revisit the different times in your life and where you are now. Acknowledge all your successes and lessons and use this powerful information as a starting point.
Just like a GPS You need a starting point and destination in order to map out your directions.





2. Reconnect

Reconnect with all the skills, talents, roles you play in life, and use this information to find where you feel most inflow!

3. Live with Purpose and Impact

Learn how to dream again and set big audacious goals.
Learn how to set boundaries for self-care,  face your fears, and get past those limiting beliefs.
Set your own life purpose plan with action steps to keep you moving forward toward success>>



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"Tina's program not only provides the framework for you to reexamine your goals and choices as you head into mid-life, but also to helps you learn how to really implement these changes in your life. From life purpose to success to living your healthiest life, Tina is right there to support and encourage you."

 Renee Hagar-Smith

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Week One ~ Taking Ownership and Your Roles In Life.

We will spend this week acknowledging, celebrating, and forgiving where we are right now in our lives. 

We will also look at all the roles we have in our lives, see what works for us and what doesn't, and why some of these roles are important and how we want to represent them.

One of the reasons this step is so important is we need to know what our starting point is in order to get where we want to go. 

Just like a GPS, we need a starting point and a destination in order to create the life we want.

This is the starting point that will help you get from point A (Where you are now.) to point B (Your desired destination.)

Week Two ~ Discover Your Passions, Interests, Talents, and Skills

This week we will be investigating all of our passions, interests, talents, and skills that we have experienced throughout all the different time periods in our lives. 

We will also be learning how to look at these things as a whole to see what things we might need to be adding back into our lives to feel happier and complete.

This is such a fun week of self-discovery and you'll be very surprised of some of the outcomes!

Week Three ~ Investigate Life Changing Experiences and Their Meaning

This week we will be looking at the different experiences in our lives both positive and negative, and see the way they have affected our lives.

We will learn how to take negative experiences and reframe them as positive learning experiences that can help us get past some of our fears and roadblocks that we face.

This is important because some of these experiences can really be holding us back from living a full life and just acknowledging them can help you move forward.

Week Four ~ Dream Big Again & Set Goals That Have A Positive Ripple Effect On Your Life

This is the week you will learn to start dreaming again, thinking big, and you will know deep down in your soul that nothing can stop you, nothing is impossible.

We will learn how to set big exciting life-changing goals and I will teach you a process to achieve those goals at warp speed. They will also have a ripple effect on your other life goals creating momentum toward success!


Week Five ~ Setting Boundaries Like A Bad-Ass & Self-Care

This week we will look at the boundaries we need to set in order to create the space for all of our big gorgeous goals and also to protect our energy and health.

Boundaries are the foundation for self-care and self-love. This will be one of the most important lessons.

We will also cover some of the other types of self-care we need in our lives and by the end of the week, we will have our own personal self-care practice to follow.

This week is very important because it creates the space for us to live in our purpose with impact!

Week Six ~ Breaking Through Blocks, Reframing Limiting Beliefs & Fears,  and Reconnecting  with Intuition.

This week you will learn how to handle any limiting belief or block that you have getting in the way of your goals, dreams, and purpose.

I will also give you some tools to work with your gift of intuition, everyone has this gift. This is a powerful tool and if you're not using it you need to get started.

Week Seven~ Build Your Own Personal Life Purpose Statement & Plan

We will spend our last week creating our own personal life purpose statement and a personalized plan with action steps so when you leave you will know exactly how to move forward.

Weekly online instructional video on the topics and your workbook.

Every Sunday there will be a new topic covered with a video and a workbook for you to work through.

Your weekly coaching call.

We will have a weekly coaching call via Zoom where we will go over our wins and struggles,  the new material, and you can get all your questions answered.

Voxer Text Support

We will be using Voxer text support as a group so if you need support in between the calls you can get it here from Tina and the group!

Group Partner

After the first week, we will be paired up with a group partner. Better yet, join with a friend and they can be your partner. I've noticed with this extra support and friendship from another like-minded person you are more likely to have kick-ass results in warp speed!!

A final celebration!!

After we all complete the program we will have a purpose party via Zoom sharing our progress, our powerful purpose, and support each other with our plans for the future.

My hope is that this group will be your life purpose friend group that will continue to help you reach new heights in your life and always feel supported even after the program is over.

Lifetime Access!

You will always have access to the materials in the program. It is my hope that you repeat the lessons when you need to.

This is how we learn. When I purchase a coaching program myself I always repeat the work and seem to get new things out of it.

When you're in different stages in your life you tend to need different things.

When you go back and repeat the material you sometimes learn the things you need at that time.

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  • Weekly Video Training and Workbooks
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call (ZOOM)
  • Group Voxer Support
  • Assigned Group Partner
  • Life Purpose Proclamation Party (ZOOM)
  • 30-Minute Private Coaching Call With Tina
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2 Payments

  • Weekly Video Training and Workbooks
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call (ZOOM)
  • Group Voxer Support
  • Assigned Group Partner
  • Life Purpose Proclamation Party (ZOOM)
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You must be so ready to start living the life of your dreams with passion, purpose, and  impact in the world!

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