I'll show you how to save your TIME, , MONEY, and ENERGY in your plant-based kitchen all while keeping you and your loved ones healthy! Let's Do This!!!

You want to eat plant-based but..

  • You just don't have the time to cook every meal from scratch.

  • You don't have the time to lookup up all the recipes and plan all the meals and shopping lists.

  • You buy all the veggies with good intentions to cook, but it never happens and they end up in the garbage.


You might have also tried..

  • Following the plant-based blogs, buying the cookbooks, and while you're excited to get started, you just never get past one or two meals.

  • You might have even tried a meal planning app but it was a lot of work to put it all together!

  • You end up adding in a lot of processed plant-based food just to make things easier but you really want to eat whole food to support your health. 

  • And you tried the plant-based meals delivered to your door but that can be a whole lot of $$$.

I know where you're coming from because I did all these things and still sometimes find an unrecognizable bag of veggies in the fridge and wonder, "What the heck is this?"

I told myself, "This is totally ok because this is how we figure out what is going to work for us."

We need to try out new things and if they don't work, keep looking for the solution because it's out there!


So What Happens If You Do Nothing?

Well, I can only tell you my experience. It was sort of a rollercoaster that looked like buying a bunch of gorgeous veggies, making a few things, then the rest rotting in the fridge.

Then the week after that a lot of processed vegan food or takeout and no plan. I knew this didn't serve my health.

Taking care of my health was really important because I had a stroke when I was 39! 

I knew I had to commit to MEAL PLANNING and The Plant-Based Pantry was how I did it!



So what's different about The Plant-Based pantry?

It's all about planning and batching, and optimizing your time in the kitchen, meaning spending less time in the kitchen and more time living your life!!  And guess what? I do all the work for you. You just cook a few times a week!!


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What's Inside The Program?

Plant-Based Meal Plans+

>You will get 7 months of meal plans so everything will be all planned out for you with easy, delicious recipes.

>You'll get custom shopping lists for each week so all you have to do is shop.

>You'll get a prep schedule for each week so you'll know what you have to do each day, or not do:)


Simplified Plant-Based Nutrition Education

>Super easy snip-its of nutrition information about the key ingredients from the recipes that week

>Easy to read and quick, no more than 5-8 minutes of reading so it's easy to learn more about the nutrients in the food you're eating.

>Individual nutrition information for each recipe because sometimes you just want to know:)


And This Fabulous New Feature!!

Sometimes there might be a week you don't feel like meal planning or maybe you're crazy busy or traveling and need another option.

We've got you covered with a new feature!

Batch Cooking Fast Tract - This will be a batch cooking cookbook with easy to freeze or save recipes so you can cook once and stock up that fridge and freezer for the week! This will also come with a shopping list to make your shopping easy.

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Are you ready to be plant-powered the easy way?

  • Get 8 months of healing plant-based whole food meal plans so you can start healing and thriving immediately. 
  • Learn plant-based meal prep and batch cooking techniques this way you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life!
  • Get basic plant-based nutrition information so you know your body is getting everything it needs to heal and thrive.
  • Have a plant-based plan every week for 8 months!
  • That's a lot of recipes to use over and over again!
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Why Eat A Plant-Based Diet?

Here are just a few of the reasons to eat a plant-based diet.

Helps Reduce The Risk Of Disease

Eating a plant-based whole food diet also reduces the risk of many  of the most deadly diseases. Heart disease and stroke, diabetes, cancer, It can also help support healthy weight and  brain health. 

Plant-based Diets Are Nutrient Dense

Plant-Based foods are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats. Most are low in calories and nutrient dense. Eating a plant-based whole food diet gives you all the protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals you need for excellent health. Let's not forget the fiber too!

Makes The World A Better Place

Let's not forget  a Plant-Based whole food diet is not just good for you and your family, it supports our animal friends, the environment, and can be fairly inexpensive compared to other diets. This is enough for me right here!

Some Things You Can Expect..

Batch Cooking and Freezing

This is the is the way we make things easy around here! We meal plan and batch cook.

There are always leftovers in the fridge and healthy home cooked plant-based meals in the freezer. 

If leftovers aren't your thing then this program will not jive for you.

Delicious Plant-Based and Vegan Recipes

We are all about plant-based whole food ingredients but I can also tell you all the recipes are also vegan.

Everyone is welcome in the community what ever you may label yourself. There will be no judgement, just support. 

I encourage you to follow a diet that is good for your body what ever that might be! I follow the Tina Diet and eat what I feel is right for me:)

Fresh Whole Food Ingredients!

We use whole food ingredients for most of our recipes with the occasional exception. It's all about eating real, NOT processed food!

I would also like to add quite a few of these recipes include no oil but not all. However, there is always an option to do this.

Quite a few of these recipes are also gluten free but not all.

"Tina was a pleasure to work with and we had great communication through-out the process. I had different expectations going into the program but ultimately was pleasantly surprised with the end results that Tina helped me work towards. Changing my mindset and views on myself and my habits to help me strive towards a healthier lifestyle and realize what worked for me individually."


"Tina is an awesome coach, she is kind, caring, understanding, and truly cares about her clients.I would recommend her to anyone in need of improving their health and wellness. She also has great recipes and workouts!"


"Before working with Tina’s meal planning program, I felt overwhelmed with the idea of planning out meals for a week. I really wanted to figure this out, but didn’t know how. Tina’s program provides an easy road map with downloadable recipes, shopping lists and cooking demonstrations on her Facebook Lives. She offers great tips on preparation, as well as pointing out which foods are great for freezing. I love having delicious food planned so I can eat healthy, and not waste time wondering what I can make for dinner. Another perk, is I find I save money at the grocery store, with my shopping list."


"This program is super easy to use. By that I mean the meals are not complicated and the fact you can use an app on your phone for convenience are by far the best features but overall. it’s informative and easy to use. I was able to find all ingredients and I live in the woods so that was also great. They don’t tend to have anything beyond the basics around here. I loved all the meals too. I would recommend this program to anyone I knew."


"I love Tina Stinson’s approach to eating and life. Wellness is supposed to feel nourished and joyful. She understands that eating can be fun while being good for you. Her words are impactful and uplifting. A consultation is highly recommended and her program is well designed. Plant based eating is presented in vibrant ways to make you feel you are capable of adjusting your diet, mind and soul in ways that are enriching and rewarding."

Nadine Nelson

" The look and feel of the program is wonderful! The website is designed carefully and very well thought out. And you have so many recepies its, amazing It's very nutritious and has helped me a lot because I wasn't able to create great vegan food alone. This has made it easier and it has all my calorie and other intake count available. And also everyrhing taste so good. So many options for everyone. I print out the recepies and hang them on my fridge so that way I never forget."

Trinity Tarelli

Frequently Asked Questions


  • 8 months of Meal Plans, Recipes with Grocery Checklists, and preparation guides.
  • Simplified nutrition education.
  • A Batch Cooking Fast Track.
  • A few beautiful Cookbooks featuring delicious plant-based recipes.
  • Premiere entry into future programs.
  • Someone who wants more plant-based meals in their kitchen!
  • Someone who wants to save time and money in their life!
  • Someone who is ready to make changes in their diet.
  • Someone ready to do some easy cooking in the kitchen.
  • Someone who is tired of being stuck where they are and is ready to take positive action to support their life and health!
  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix.
  • Someone who is not willing to make lifestyle changes for good.
  • Someone who hates leftovers.

Absolutely not, just willing to make changes, add plant-based whole foods to your current diet, and be open to learning a little bit about nutrition!

You have access for life and to any updates that might take place.

There will NOT be any refunds for this program because it is all access all downloadable format.

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Why I Became a Coach

About 10 years ago I suffered a stress induced tear in my vertebral artery. This lead to a stroke and a clot in my brain. The next few years after this I had to learn to navigate being a single Mom with three kids, working high-stress sales job, and the challenges that come along with recovery from a severe injury. 

I spent 10 yrs learning the best possible ways to create health, balance in my life.

I know what it's like to have stress, a tight budget, and limited time.

After 10 years of trial and error and extensive market research I've created programs that help busy women that feel overwhelmed with all the health and wellness information out there. I focus on clean plant-based whole food!

I simplify culinary nutrition, mindset work, stress and self-care solutions, and offer you support, accountability, and coaching you will need to succeed and maintain a healthy balanced life!

I want to be able to help you, so you don't have to spend the next ten years trying to do it all on your own.

Join me and take your health into your own hands!


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Who is Tina?

Tina is a Holistic Health Coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Life Coach, and Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor.

Tina is very passionate about plant-based whole food eating. She is also a proud Mom of three children and two fur-babies and an avid runner who enjoys competing in races for fun!

Life Balance is very important to her so while she loves to work with food, she also finds Mindset, Self-Care, and Life Purpose to be equally important!

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