Start Making a Plant-Based Lifestyle Easy!

Yes, even if you don't have time! Let's make it easy, save some money, time, and reduce the stress of planning!

Learn how to Create Healthy Nutritionally Balanced meals to help heal the body and thrive.

And Have Fun Doing It!!

Are you ready to take charge of your  health and vitality. Every week you will learn how to use food to

  • Heal your body so you can have more energy and feel like yourself again.
  • Learn basic plant-based nutrition so you can be confident that your getting all the nutrients you need to thrive!

We will create a delicious healing plant-based meal plan together and  make it easy, fun, and economical!

You will learn different ways to:

  • Eat healthy to increase energy and improve overall health so you can live your life on your terms!
  • Improve the health conditions you might be dealing with so you can spend less time at the doctors office and more time living.
  • Create a healthy home environment and know that you and your family can thrive in your home.
  • Thrive in your plant-based life and stop stressing about how.

You will  be the master of your time in the kitchen, batch cooking and meal planning!

Let's get started!


Start Your Easy Plant-Bast Life Here!

Registration is now closed and will open up again in April 2020!

Are you ready to take charge of your health?

  • Get healing plant-based whole food weekly meal plans with instruction and support so you can start healing and thriving immediately. 
  • Do you want one place to go to support a plant-based lifestyle so you can save time doing tons of research.
  • Do you want to learn plant-based meal prep and batch cooking techniques this way you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life!
  • Do you need basic plant-based nutrition information so you know your body is getting everything it needs to heal and thrive.
  • Are you confused about all the health and wellness information out there and just want one place to go for help? 
  • Do you want to get rid of those last few pounds you can't seem to lose so you can feel good and be healthy.
  • Do you want to let go of the stress of worrying about the health of you and your family.
  • Do you want to learn to prepare healthy whole food plant-based meals all in one day to feed you and your family for the week?
  • Do you want your own personal health coach for guidance and support so you always have someplace to go when you need an answer to a tough health and wellness question?


You want to have one place to go to learn  how to heal and thrive?

 Learn how to create and prepare healthy, delicious, healing meals for you and your family. you will learn to master your mindset and habits so you can make your changes sustainable. We will be covering a wide range of topics and I will be taking input from you, weekly, focusing on what everyone wants to learn about. Some of the topics might be:

  • Plant-based whole food meals
  • Mindset (very important)
  • Gluten free meals
  • Cooking for weight loss
  • Cooking for energy
  • Cooking for heart health
  • Anti-inflammatory meals
  • Crock-pot meals
  • Juicing
  • Smoothies
  • Fermentation
  • Sprouting
  • Canning
  • Making plant-based milk
  • Making plant-based cheese
  • Skin care

I will be sharing fun worksheets, checklists, and resources to help you along your way! And of course recipes galore!

Are you ready to get started?

Registration for this program is now closed and will open up again in April 2020!

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What's Included

Weekly Meal Plans!

We are going to cover what plant-based whole food cooking means and how to add it into your diet to heal your body. I will share with you my own personal weekly meal plan with recipes, shopping lists, and prep instructions. with video tutorials. There will also be some culinary nutrition education with Weekly Power Ingredients going over all its super powers and how to add it to your life!

A Supportive Community!

Be a part of a supportive plant-based community. Share your your wins, any challenges, and most important, recipes!

Quarterly Educational Cooking Classes and Workshops

We will cover some topics that might take a little more time like, canning, fermentation, sprouting, homemade skincare products, and much more!

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Every month you will have the opportunity to submit a question to be covered in our live group coaching session.

Each session will be approximately 45-60 minutes.

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What To Expect As A Founding Member Of My Plant-Based Life?

Weekly Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping Lists

Covering many different health topics with input from you!

Specialized Workshops

We will have more intensive, detailed classes on topics like canning, sprouting, making kombucha, and many more!

Private Member Facebook Group

Accountability checks,  group support and encouragement! Surprise pop up cooking lives!

Monthly Group Coaching

Submit questions and have them covered in our monthly group coaching session.

Why I Became a Coach

About 10 years ago I suffered a stress induced tear in my vertebral artery. This lead to a stroke and a clot in my brain. The next few years after this I had to learn to navigate being a single Mom with three kids, working high-stress sales job, and the challenges that come along with recovery from a severe injury. 

I spent 10 yrs learning the best possible ways to create health, balance in my life.

I know what it's like to have stress, a tight budget, and limited time.

After 10 years of trial and error and extensive market research I put together a program so that I can help busy women that might feel overwhelmed with all the health and wellness information that's out there. I focus on clean plant-based whole food!

I simplify culinary nutrition, mindset work, stress and self-care solutions, and offer you support, accountability, and coaching you will need to succeed and maintain a healthy balanced life!

I want to be able to help you, so you don't have to spend the next ten years trying to do it all on your own.

Join me and a like-minded tribe ready to take their health into their own hands!


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"Tina was a pleasure to work with and we had great communication through-out the process. I had different expectations going into the program but ultimately was pleasantly surprised with the end results that Tina helped me work towards. Changing my mindset and views on myself and my habits to help me strive towards a healthier lifestyle and realize what worked for me individually."


"Tina is an awesome coach, she is kind, caring, understanding, and truly cares about her clients.I would recommend her to anyone in need of improving their health and wellness. She also has great recipes and workouts!"


Let's Get Started

Create a Healthy Balanced Plant- Based Life. Batch Cooking and Meal Planning Made Easy! Registration for this program is now closed and will open back up in April 2020! Get On The Waitlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Plant-Based whole-food cooking classes along many other topics!
  • Worksheets, Meal Plans, Recipes with Grocery Checklists, and Health ad Wellness Workshops.
  • Private Facebook Group For Support and Accountability
  • Bonus Lives Within the Private Community.
  • Premiere entry into future programs.
  • Someone who wants more plant-based meals in their kitchen!
  • Someone who is ready to make changes in their diet.
  • Someone ready to do some easy cooking in the kitchen.
  • Someone who is tired of being stuck where they are and is ready to take positive action to support their life and health!
  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix.
  • Someone who is not willing to make lifestyle changes for good.
  • Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership any time.

Absolutely not, just willing to make changes, add plant-based whole foods to your current diet, and open to learning a little bit about nutrition!

Registration opens up on April 5th 2020!









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