Are you ready to be unapologetically you and start checking all those long awaited goals off your list

Reset and Thrive is a year-long mastermind offering real health and life solutions for women 40 and above!

How do you know if this mastermind is for you?

Ask yourself if you find yourself feeling a few or all of these things as you enter the mid-part of your life?

  • You're heading into mid-life looking to shift your direction and purpose into something more meaningful.
  • You feel stuck. You know you need to make a change but don't know where to start and need support and guidance.
  • You're headed into or are in the midst of a difficult separation/divorce and need a coach and mentor.
  • The children are getting ready to leave the nest and you feel lost. You want to re-visit or re-discover your true self and purpose.
  • You're changing career paths and need to up-level your confidence and want support and accountability.
  • You're so tired of that voice playing over and over in your head telling you, "You're too old, out of shape/overweight, too tired." You need to re-frame that voice and ignite your second half!
  • You need to improve your self-esteem and confidence and feel 100% comfortable in your body.
  • You want to learn how to improve your diet, eat clean, regain your energy, and reduce the symptoms of menopause.
  • You're always looking to live life to the fullest and need change, inspiration, and support.
  • You want to learn how to heal your body with a Plant-Based Diet.

I've been where you are and I know I can help you!

With the Reset and Thrive Mastermind we will dig deep and begin to create health, balance, and unapologetic confidence!


Do you feel stuck or worse, invisible?

We will learn how to rediscover you and start dreaming again. Let's learn to set big goals with purpose, find joy within, and thrive into midlife like a badass!

Tired of being tired?

Are you ready to regain your energy, sleep better, feel completely confident, and love your body again? Learn mindset strategies,  and self-care/stress relief techniques to help get you there and maintain it!

Let's clear things up

There is a lot of health and nutrition information out there and it's completely overwhelming! Let's learn to care for and fuel our bodies so we look and feel great and thrive into midlife!

Health and Nutrition Simplified

Get all that confusing nutrition information simplified and have it all in one place to access easily. Also, find out what foods will support your endless fluctuation of hormones as you shift into midlife. Have access to plant-based and clean eating whole food sample meal plans with printable shopping lists along with live online cooking demos!

Self-Discovery and Self-Care

Learn how to control stress and take care of yourself. Finally, get your groove back and keep it! 

Learn how important self-care is and start putting yourself first so that you can thrive in your life, support the people you love, and rock your life! 

Rediscover you and find your purpose and move forward with confidence.

Mindset Is Key

Learn different mindset techniques to help you gain confidence and maintain a balance between all the different areas of your life!  Live coaching calls and accountability with action steps for each topic covered helping you always move forward!

A Month By Month Guide

While we might freestyle a bit depending on what the group needs, here is a month by month guide to what we will be mastering!

What To Expect Each Month..

Here are some of the things you can expect to experience each month!

"Tina is a bad-ass Coach that will help you lose that talking tummy. She motivates and gives me the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices everyday!"


"Tina Stinson is an awesome Health Coach. She is kind, caring, understanding, and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone. She also has some great plant-based recipes and workouts!"


"Tina was a pleasure to work with and we had great communication through-out the process. I had different expectations going into the program but ultimately was pleasantly surprised with the end results that Tina helped me work towards. Changing my mindset and views on myself and my habits to help me strive towards a healthier lifestyle and realize what worked for me individually."


Hi, I'm Tina Stinson

I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach, and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor and I'm super passionate about helping you create health and balance in your life and feel like the strong and powerful woman you are! Learn more below about what makes me passionate about guiding you.

Learn More Here!

Set yourself set up for success in your second half!!

It's time to take that first step to a new healthy balanced life! We will learn simplified ways to set goals to make them achievable faster. We will spend time learning how to change your mindset and habits, get rid of those stubborn blocks so that when we reach our goals we can sustain them and keep moving forward.

We spend time talking about clean eating and nutrient-dense food. How to eat moving into midlife, and food etiquette to keep you healthy.

Self-care will become a priority to you as you relearn to put yourself first so that you can be the best version of yourself. 

We will get to know ourselves again, find what brings us joy and flow so that we can live with purpose and passion.

Step into your power and dig out that amazing woman we all know is in there!

Grab your unstoppable confidence below and join us in the program!

Details About The Program

All the answers to all the questions:)

Any woman who is looking to live her best life as she goes into her second half. Who wants to map out from where she is now to where she wants to be. Reconnect with herself and live her life on purpose!

If you're not ready to dig deep and reconnect with yourself. You have to be willing to do the work and be uncomfortable in order to make the big transformation you want!

Every month we will have a new topic and a new workbook. All of the content will be completely online and emailed to you. The support lounge will be held in a private Facebook group.

The mastermind will officially start on January 5, 2021, at 9 am.

The coaching calls will be mid-month and will be a group Zoom call. I will decide on the exact day when we get closer to the start date but most likely close to the 15th. There will also be a live Q & A in the private lounge at the beginning of the month after the workbook is released to see if there are any questions.

The workbooks will be delivered via email and will also be available on the online portal where you will be able to access all of the material throughout the year.

Absolutely not. It's more about eating clean, healthy, whole food. I do offer access to my plant-based meal planning program which you can use however you please. It's an awesome program but you don't need to use it as a part of the mastermind.

While it is absolutely important that you commit to being a part of the mastermind for the entire year if the material does not work for you or you have a financial emergency you can just email me at [email protected] to talk about leaving the mastermind. There will be no refunds but if you have to leave the mastermind, you will not be charged for future months.


Beta just means that this is the first year of this mastermind. I will ask you for feedback and there might be times where I would add material into the program to serve the women in the group better. It's about learning what everyone needs and making the program better as we move along. The mastermind is also discounted and the price will increase the following year.

Yes, you can. You will also have priority registration to secure your spot before it opens to the public.

While it is great to have a Facebook account for the Q and A's in the private lounge. There will be access to the replay in the program portal.

Are You Ready To Get Started And Finally Get Your Grove Back? For Good This Time?

Join myself and a group of supportive women on a transformational journey! LET'S DO THIS!

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