Core Value Masterclass

Align with your authentic self and create a guide to your future

Lesson One: I'll explain what your core values are and all the benefits you'll get by doing this work.

Overall, living in alignment with our core values can bring greater clarity, authenticity, resilience, and fulfillment to our lives. It can help us live with greater intention and purpose, and create a life that is aligned with our deepest beliefs and ideals.

Lesson Two: I'll teach you how to write your Core Values for all the different areas of your life. We will make sure these are your values and not your need to make others in your life happy.

Lesson Three: In this lesson, we'll go over how to use your Core Values to have the most positive transformation in your life and then when it's time to change them.

By learning to write your Core Values you'll be claiming your power over the way you want to spend your time, doing what's most important and impactful to you. 

You're taking your time back, your most valuable asset, and being very intentional with it. 

You're taking charge of the creation process of the life experience you want to have.

I'll see you on the inside.

Xo, T

$29.00 USD