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Inspire Masterclass

 Igniting Your Vision!

What would happen if you decided that you were going to re-ignite your soul, set some big audacious goals & dreams, and you were going to keep going until you you were living those dreams?

You started by getting laser-focused about what you were going to move towards in your life.

You learned how to handle all the self-doubt & negative self-talk that pops up, so it doesn’t stop you.

What if THIS time, you just had a solid belief in YOURSELF and knew that the universe had your back?

You start to take the steps, and you keep MOVING FORWARD. WHEN YOU SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, life becomes magical! YOU TRANSFORM.

So from this point forward, promise yourself, THIS WILL BE MY TIME.


Align With Your Starting Point

Look at your past year, celebrate your wins, and acknowledge your lessons. 

Like any road trip, you need a starting point and a destination to get to where you want to be. 

This is your starting point.

We will also take the Balance Assessment to see where you're out of balance in your life.


The Destination

This is where we will learn how to dream big, set audacious goals, and deal with any blocks that come up.

We will also learn how to write our core values. This is how we keep ourselves on track. 

We can look at these at any time and know we are on the right path.

It's like having a good friend keeping you in line.

BONUS: There will also be a fun bonus exercise we will do this day!


Your Aligned Vision

This is where it will all come together. This is a super fun day!

We will create a theme for our year & a vision statement.

I will show you how to make a beautiful vision board that you'll want to hang everywhere.

Ignite Your Epic Vision

Join me in the most Inspiring 3-Day Masterclass

This isn’t just a goal-setting workshop. This is a value-packed workshop combining goal & dream planning while also living truly aligned with your values and purpose in your life.

 Let’s make this YOUR best year thus far!

Workbook Included

Xo, T