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Hello Beautiful Creator!

Have you ever created a Vision Board or wanted to?


Now is your chance to create the most epically powerful vision board ever!
It's not just about putting a bunch of pictures together and hoping for the best.
It's about setting an intention and manifesting your goals and dreams this year or even sooner! 

What if I told you that there was a way to take all the stress out of goal setting? That you could actually make it fun?

What if I even told you that it was even more effective than traditional goal-setting and it paved the way for the most monumental year yet?⠀

What if you had something physical for you to look at that would keep you on track with your life vision all year long?

What if you put yourself in a position where you can achieve your New Year goals at lightning speed all while having a ripple effect on your other goals⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

For the past 5 years, I have been sitting down before the New Year and setting goals this way.

I got specific, I did it in an order to create a ripple effect, I included why it was important to me, I envisioned how I would feel when I reached these goals, I created a “Power Statement” as an affirmation and then I made it all into a piece of art! A beautiful Vision Board!

I looked at all I had accomplished that year, and I realized how powerful it was.

That was the day I realized that this goal-setting process actually WORKS. In fact, it doesn’t just work…. It brings you toward success at warp speed!

A lot can happen in a year, but a lot can also not happen if you don't have a plan and a process.

Could you imagine what your life would look like if you always gave 100%? Where would you be? Where would you be in the next 6 months to a year?

Where would you be if you did nothing?

The first year I just set some goals and then made the vision board. Then year after year I decided to set some strong intention behind the process and that's when I started really digging deep and figuring out why my dreams and goals were so important?

I learned if there is no real strong desire behind your goals you most likely will struggle to reach them.

I learned to set big goals that made me come out of my comfort zone but were believable to me. Also important!

Then, a Power Statement that represented how I wanted to feel that year after I reached those goals and used that as my own power statement.⠀⠀⠀⠀

And it was all fun!

Since then, I’ve been applying this tried and true goal-setting process every single New Year and even within the year when I hit my goals much faster than I intend to use that ripple effect process! ⠀⠀

This is something I believe in because I am living proof that it works.


In This Workshop You’ll Learn Exactly How To:

  • See where you are out of balance in your life using “The Balance Sheet” worksheet and learning how to use this as a tool to create more balance.
  • A worksheet helping you set big goals to bring you out of your comfort zone and I'll also teach you the ripple effect method so you can reach them in warp speed!

  • Really dig down deep with the  find your “Why” . worksheet. This sets a strong intention behind each goal and gives you something to focus on when things get hard.

  • Then, with the next worksheet, you will create your very own “Power Statement” to use as your personal affirmation!

  • Combine all of these powerful tools and then create either a Virtual Vision Board or an Old School Physical Vision Board. I love both!!


And you’ll also get:

  • 4 videos going through step by step how to use all the tools!
  • A video on how to create a virtual vision board online.

  • A video teaching the old school version with a supply list included!

  • Lifetime access to use every year!


If you’re ready to take back your power and create the most monumental year of your life. Join me in this fun effective, creative process of having the best most successful year ever!


Commit yourself to a fresh & strong start with your goals and have an effective goal-setting foundation to support you now and the years moving forward!

Learn more about the process we use and sign up for the workshop below!

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