Epic Year Vision Planning Session

Are you the type of person to have a plan all drawn up for the next year or do you just like to wing it?

I'm definitely a planner!

It's a well-known fact that when you have a plan, a vision, or a map, you're more likely to get where you want to go, so I figure I just want to improve my odds.

That's why every year I create a vision plan and then I do a vision board!!!

I call this The Epic Year Vision Plan (Done any time of the year.)

During this vision session we will cover:

  • Reflection of the past year.
  • Your self-care balance alignment session, to see where your life is out of balance
  • How to use this tool to set big audacious goals aligned with your true self.
  • How to reach these goals at warp speed.
  • Finding your "WHY"
  • Handling all those pesky limiting beliefs.

You will come away with a written out personalized plan with the action steps to take for each goal.

Included In This Session will be 2- 90 minute calls on Zoom or by phone and will be priced at $555 with 5 days Voxer Follow-Up.

So if you want some support and guidance mapping out your EPIC YEAR then be sure to get on my schedule. 

Talk Soon.

Xo, T

Two 90 Minute Calls with 5 day of Voxer support after the call.


$555.00 USD