1-1 Coaching - How can I help you?

Do you need to lose that last bit of weight for good, regain your energy? Feel healthy and balanced, less stressed! Whatever your goal is, when you work with me 1-1 you will get a custom program designed just for you.

1-1 Coaching

The program length is 3 months which includes 8 sessions either in person or with Zoom. Each session will include worksheets/handouts, and checklists and clear action steps to help you move forward toward your goals. Notes will be taken and emailed to you after each session. 

Custom Sample Meal Plans

There will be sample custom meal plans to use and learn from. Food sensitivities are taken into consideration. Printable recipes and shopping lists.

Self-Care and Stress Reduction Techniques

All 1-1 programs are customized to the individual persons goals and needs. Different techniques will be taught depending on the needs of the client.

Topics Covered

Some of the topics often covered are nutrition, movement, mindset, self-care and home environment, stress, relationships and family, career and money. The 1-1 coaching programs are custom for the individual and their needs. Not all these topics are always covered.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to your coach via email and text. For when you need that extra support.

Pantry Makeover

Learn how to stock your pantry so you set yourself up for success. Find out what staples are inside a healthy pantry. Also, a grocery store trip shopping guide.Learn more about where to shop for the whole foods that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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