Getting Started With Health and Wellness Coaching

I know that your health and wellness is very important to you. You're very busy and it's hard to keep track of what works and what doesn't.

There are so many confusing terms. Do I need to eat organic, non-gmo, vegan , paleo... What is going to work for me?

Think about how it would feel not to be stressed about all of these things and just enjoying your meals yourself, and with your family and friends. How great would it be to have all those clothes you've been saving for when you lose those last 5 or 10 lbs to start fitting, your health improves, and you filled with energy! Let me help you connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be.

I have worked my way through all of these things to find balance in my life. I also attended Nutrition school where I learned about over 100 different dietary theories. I learned that nutrition is not the only thing that effects your health. Your relationships, physical activity, career goals, and spirituality among many other personal topics all play into your health and wellness and maintaining balance in your life.

Your one on one health coaching sessions

I will talk to you about all of these topics. You can tell me about the things you would like to achieve an we will set goals together. After each session you will go home with a few assignments. Together we will create a personal blueprint for success! If you have any questions or concerns in between sessions I'm only an email away for support. Some of the things you can expect!

  • 60 minute initial consultation with health history and a balance sheet.

  • Meeting in person twice a month is most effective. (Skype available if needed)

  • Weekly handouts and recipes.

  • Pantry makeover/grocery store trip. (Mid session)

  • Access to monthly events with invitation for a friend.

  • Free gift at the start of the program!

  • Health Coaching sessions are sold in packages, first one is free!

What you can expect

You will feel over all, better and have more energy. Those clothes you've been saving will start to fit and you will get rid of those nagging health concerns. You will start feeling like yourself, more healthy and balanced!

We will set your own personal goals within these categories and I will hold you accountable, support you, and help you achieve them!

I have openings for one on one in person and phone sessions (Skype available also) to get started Contact me for a free 60 minute consultation. I really look forward to helping you regain your balance!

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Brave, Bold and Fit Online coming soon!

Let’s get your groove back, for good!

An online program for busy women teaching maintainable monthly coaching topics with live coaching calls, weight-loss solutions, quick workouts, and sample plant-based meal plans.

contact me below for more info


Life Map

Learn to live your life on purpose!

lifemap 1.jpg

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with your life? Pulled in so many different directions? Work, home, family, and time with your friends. Do you feel directionless?

With the Life Map Vision Board Workshop you will gain clarity for your future, whether it's next week or a year from now. Let's bring more balance, happiness, and success to your life now!

The mind can not achieve what is does not see. Stop reacting to your life and start to live on purpose. Be deliberate with your actions and not just let life happen to you, make it happen for you. Choose to act and not react!

Who should attend the Life Map Workshop? Everyone who wants to improve, focus, and see results in the areas of life that are important to them. Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams? NEXT WORKSHOP STARTING FALL 2018. Sign up now, space is limited so get on the list!

Coming in 2019 *LIFE MAP RETREAT* Keep your eyes open for this one. Experience a gorgeous location, transformational experience, and connection with like-minded people.